In Defense Of "Silly" Cars

Yes, I understand I’m going to get flack for this, but I’ve just got to say it…

Silly cars are extremely over-hated.

Forza is a racing game, not real life. Furthermore it’s sim-cade not simulation, so it’s not trying to be exactly like real life like Assetto Corsa & iRacing. So with that said why is it that so many of the members on this forum have such a fervent hatred of the “silly” cars?

Disclaimer: I am not saying we need silly cars in FM23 at launch, I think there needs to be a solid lineup of cars across the entire spectrum of motor sports first. But after that has been established (maybe a year or so into the game’s life) why not bring some of the beloved silly cars back from the dead? People like to have fun. (It’s usually the purpose of a video game, after all.) So if people want to have silly lighthearted fun racing single player or private multiplayer lobbies with friends using limos, or 1000hp Jeeps then why not?

There’s a time & a place for everything & as I’ve always said “if you don’t like them, don’t use them”. I have never understood the mentality of wanting to ensure certain types of vehicles aren’t in the game simply because you don’t like them/want to use them. Some people would like them & would love to use them, so why not? What do you gain from depriving others of what they want to drive? The more options & variety, the more reach this game has to a broader swathe of players & niches.

One of the most fun races I’ve ever had was in FM7 trying to race an unwieldy wheelie happy bone-stock Jeep CJ6 against 70s sports cars. Taming that beastly V8 in the turns as it wanted to flip over or spin out was such a unique & fun challenge that I would have missed out on if not for the “silly” cars. Winning that race was a super fun accomplishment for me, but if that’s not something you’d find fun then once again, simply don’t use it.


Imo, it’s a case of why spend time and effort on silly cars


Porting the existing cars from prior games (Isetta, Limo, Jeeps, Peel etc.) doesn’t take nearly as long as adding new cars. So after we’ve established a solid car list foundation, I don’t see why not just quickly add better textures & paints over models that Forza has already made & boom. More types of cars for more types of players :man_shrugging:

Cos it’s not as simple as just better textures

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It kind’ve is though. I just watched Digital Foundry’s video on FM23 & they went over what it takes to port old models into the game. It’s essentially redoing all of the textures & then updating the physics. Meanwhile adding cars from scratch takes a lot more work & around half a year per car.

If this game gets to 700 cars at some point like FM7 & FH5 then why not add some silly ones in there?

You never know, maybe someday there may be some dirt or rally tracks & many of the silly cars might end up being useful after all!

I disagree - but I’m not “hating” and I’m not trying to stop you from liking silly cars.

In my opinion, it’s not a good fit for the theme. It’d be like adding the giant phallic melee weapon from Saints Row into a Zelda or Dark Souls game. It just seems out-of-place and can break immersion.
There might be “a time & a place for everything,” and I think the place for silliness is in other light-hearted titles.

It can also be a big let-down when people have been waiting months/years for iconic cars to be added to the game/series only to instead get silly cars that have very limited (if any) practical usefulness for in-game events.

When people take silly cars into open lobbies (like your example of “taming an unwieldy wheelie happy bone-stock Jeep CJ6 against 70s sports cars”), they can have an greater tendency to ruin races since they can’t maintain control of those cars and they crash into others more…
…In cases like that, the “if you don’t like it then don’t use it” view doesn’t apply because I don’t like it when others ruin my races with it.

I’m not trying stir any debate or hostilities. I’m only replying with my thoughts in response to your question of “why not.”


All of these are good points.

  1. To tackle the first part, I never really thought of Forza as that serious of a title, & as someone who races almost entirely using freeplay, I can usually find restrctions that keep silly cars out when I’m not in the mood. (would be nicer if there was another, easier way to do this cough cough) So I suppose if people take the game that serious then this makes sense, however I reserve that level of seriousness to actual sim-games. Simcades like Forza are still meant to be “video gamey” though, so sometimes it’s fun to do ridiculous things people would only do in video games.

  2. I agree. It was really annoying in FM7 buying DLCs just to have mostly useless off-roaders and SUVs added. That’s why I clarified that I’d like a robust car list that covers its bases before going into the more silly things.

  3. In FM7 most silly cars were banned online. I’d like to keep it that way with the exception of private lobbies.

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There are degrees of “seriousness” - I’m not saying that Forza Motorsport is super serious, but I think it’s relatively more “serious” than Mario Kart.


Totally agree with this. FM8 is going to be a live-service title where it has the potential to have the largest volume of cars and tracks in the entire series as it ages over time.

While the seriousness will be the bulk of the game, it is still important to show its wacky side. Even Gran Turismo 7 takes this to such an extent, especially when you consider bizarre vehicles like the Jeep Willys MB, Volkswagen hipster van and a Toyota HiAce ambulance, among a few to name, are all in there.

At the end of the day, no matter the degree of seriousness or wackiness, Forza Motorsport is still a video game, regardless if you call it a simulator, simcade or whatnot, and the most important aspect of what a video game should be is fun.

(cue “The Bear, Season 2, Episode 3”: I Googled “fun” the other day“what provides amusement or enjoyment”, that’s what it means.)


I’ve said this in another post, I think it fits well here:

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I definitely don’t like silly cars specially stock production cars. The devs’ problem is they simply give the production version without providing any proper customization. If you don’t have proper upgrade options then give actual race cars from gt3,gt2 n other categories, proper wrc rally cars, drifters from formula drift…don’t just give a stock nissan z or ctv4 or ctv5 etc. The point is if you’re adding nissan z then add it as nissan z gt500, just like fd z was added. For m4 give also the gt3 kit. For jeeps like cherokees make it look n behave like a proper dakar machine. In this way every one can drive their fav versions.

If adding previous cars is relatively easy then i’d say they need to add cars from fm7. It has around 80 unique proper racers. They are way way better than silly cars. And horizon does not have proper racers just because majority of the community thinks it as nfs or gta. This myth has to be broken.

I understand n we don’t have any problem with you or what you like. The devs should be maintaining the balance between silly cars n proper cars. Last 2 proper racers we got was in series 20 then 3 in the two carpacks. In between most of them were production variants. Why would it be? We also payed for the game. We need proper cars.

Exactly a gtp would be way better than a isseta or limo when it comes adding from previos games. And when there are so many good cars to add like elva, v12 speedster, revuelto, new countach, sp3 etc. then why spending time on a whole bmw family. Why?? You could have added 356 rsr or vw idr instead from fh4. They would take less time n effort than the ix suv for sure!!!

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This is one of my favorite cars in RaceRoom and you can’t get much sillier than this. The current Raceroom shopping cart…

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) (

But the older version was definitely sillier…

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) (

Nothing like having a driver sitting on a stack of toilet paper in a shopping cart with no engine and steering wheel or pedals, hotlapping the Nordschleife on two wheels. The new shopping cart looks like someone made a custom go-cart with a shopping cart for a body (with a 2.0L Renault engine), but the first version was pure humor. And it was a lot of laughs trying to race either of them.

So, absolutely nothing wrong with “silly” cars.


Exactly my thoughts too! Very well said!

Pfft… If you want “Silly Cars” then no mucking around with production vehicles.

Just do a collection of “World’s Fastest”. As in Bumper Car, Mobility Scooter, Garden Shed, Wheelie Bin, Sofa, Bed, etc.

Do “Silly” properly or not at all.

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That might be a bit too much for Forza, as that might be going too far into “arcade”. Grab Turismo and Forza have historically picked great “silly” cars like the Isetta, Peel, VW Van, Kei Cars, GMC Van, etc.

Except for the fact that when these “silly” cars were designed their purpose was clear, it’s only as things have progressed, or regressed depending on your point of view, since then have people decided they are “silly”.

Well, “silly” compared to what? If you could find enough Peels you know people would race them, same as everything else.

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4/5 ‘comical’ cars out of several hundred isn’t a big deal. If you keep them out of the top PI classes, there’s no problem.

I would not include vans as comical cars. They are as legitimate a category as truck racing.

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Because most of those models are glaringly inaccurate and, in a few cases, even ugly. You don’t even have to look very closely to spot the obsolete bits.

Forza has decided to spam models from newer cars to wow casuals and upstage the competition. The labor time involved in the making of these comes at the expense of updating fan favorites in desperate need of a complete overhaul.

This lack of care with its car list makes Forza little more than a franchise with cars, not a franchise for the automotive enthusiast. Its direct competitor, however flawed its latest entry is, at least still nails the enthusiast bit.

However, I do agree that making the game completely centered around cars that “make sense” on a race track was shortsighted on T10’s part. People are taking SUVs to the Nürburgring, and some of these behemoths are faster than decade old sportscars around a track. Given enough incentive, people will race anything. It’s the one thing FM7 has over this game.

All of the Xbox One era models are good & laser scanned. As for the 360 & Xbox era cars, I’d rather have them then nothing. BUT I do expect/hope for T10 to slowly replace the outdated models as this has been an issue getting a lot of the traction as of late!

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I hope the Honda Odyssey comes back haha