In cockpit view...

Soo playing Forza 5 for awhile now and there are two things I noticed and I was curious about you guys think.

In the cockpit view there seem to be missing two things:

1.: Transmission, braking and shift noises. I’ve been around a lot of racing cars (rallycross, endurance) in real life, even had the pleasure of been taken round a track in a GT car.
And even from watching a lot of races on the TV there seem to be missing some sound effects in the cockpit mode. Like transmission whining and brake squeal and other noises
that are very common in most race cars. Sure road cars have more noise isolation so that makes sense. What do you think about this?

2.: From a drivers point of view the often experience shaking and pattering from the car as it races, mainly because te cars are very stiff and give very little play in the suspension.
But even with the laser precise tracks we now may enjoy there is still very little emotion from within the cockpit. As where in real life the driver experience a lot more emotions and
input from the car and track. I quess what I am trying to say is that there is very little real life motion going on which makes the cockpit less evolved as a driver experience.

I am not complaining, I love the game as I have said many times on this forum. But I am curious and I do like to now if there are more people that agree a cockpit should be a
richer experience all together in order to make a better recreation of a drivers view.


P.S.: Can’t wait for Monza :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For your first observation, I’ve noticed two of the three - albeit, the frequency and audible loudness are dependent on the vehicle. I’ve heard blatant thuds when the driver shifts on many cars and transmission sound on several where I suspect their real life counterparts have a noticeable whine.

For the second, I can almost guarantee the reason for a more stoic cockpit experience is because of a limited on-screen viewing area that would create a heck of a lot of motion sickness for most gamers, if realistic driver movements were implement. There comes a point where reality and functionality are necessarily defined by a videogame - this is most definitely one of those moments.

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I think you’re on to something, Shadow. Me personally, I cannot play in first person view for long because I get motion sickness from any game. Needless to say, I can’t play FPS’s at all.

Random question but do you have the “Camera Motion Effects” in the HUD menu switched to on? I had it on but found the car too unstable looking going into corners, I turned it off and now it feels great, if I put it back on though I get motion sickness

Im just thinking if you have this set to off it would make the camera shake less ? If it is on then you have a valid point although I could never use it :slight_smile:

You also didn’t mention the steeing animation.The hands only get to 6-12 o’clock and that’s it, now i don’t know if this impacts the ‘feeling’ when using a sim racing wheel or the simulation itself bcuz i use a controller but everytime i see a vid with sim kits they are turning like 270 degrees and on screen it’s like “oh yeah, 6-12 o’clock”.

I know NFS Shift 2 isn’t such a great track racer, but they definitely nailed the cockpit experience. The driver “reacts” to crashes and bumps. Camera shakes more. And there is a good sense of speed via motion blurring and color fading. Also all the shifting and braking noises are there and sound awesome.