Improved turbo and supercharger sounds (BOV, wastegate)

I have always loved forza games, but the sounds of turbos have also been an issue for me. The turbo doesn’t build max psi off of a small little press of the gas. Please fix this and maybe add different bov? Thank you.

Agreed, turbo performance in game is realistic (boost builds based on throttle position and torque at the crankshaft) but the acoustics leave a lot to be desired. By no means am I a turbo expert but I have broken the acoustics into 2 main categories I think would make the most difference.

I. BOV sound.

The BOV behaves kind of like an on-off switch in game like you said which is not how it really works (air diverters in modern cars like the FoST/FiST don't count).

The higher the pressure inside the charge pipes, the louder and more dramatic the BOV should sound when the throttle snaps shut and the engine goes abruptly back into vacuum.

Often times revving a car at idle will not even trigger a BOV noise at all, as there isn't enough load on the crankshaft when the tires aren't pushing against the pavement.

When looking at the telemetry, the game physics seem to have these concepts all covered but it would be nice if the BOV sound was dynamic enough to give audible feedback about that information.

II. Spool sound.

It would be nice to hear some kind of feedback from the turbo(s) as they spin up and come into boost, see clip below (~1min, no music)

As many poeple know most of the older cars in the Forza series have no Turbo/Supercharger from the factory. While some came off the factory floor already boosted. The car scene wanted more from these cars. So what do we do? We upgrade the internals of the car, change out the exhaust, go for a big turbo and also mostly add an External wastegate to it.

Starting to get to the point here, what sound is more iconic than a Scooby blasting down the street and you hear that wastegate open up as soon as it reaches peak boost? Exactly my point.

My suggestion is why not add like a slider or a mechanic like that, so that people can choose between having an External Wastegate or an Internal Wastegate when slapping a turbo on their car.

Would be awesome to have that Iconic sound in game, oh and don’t forget the flames😉

If you look at the telemetry for a turbo car you can see that boost is building like it should but even after very slightly touching the gas and letting off, it triggers the blow off sound without having to build any boost. This problem has been around since launch and honestly makes me dread using a turbo car if I just want to cruise because its making the in-game blow off really annoying. Even switching between 1st gear and reverse triggers the blow off. I play on Xbox One and I’m not sure if this problem is on pc but it’s worth checking out.

I know exactly what you mean ! they also should add different sound variants for the blow off ventiles


Can the devs make the sounds of upgraded turbo’s and superchargers louder? Right now the sounds are quite faint and only decent (not good) on a handful of cars. The ‘04 Impreza has a decently loud sound for example.

In real life upgraded turbo’s are quite loud and supercharger whines can be pretty dominant over the engine itself. It would be nice if these sounds are made louder to reflect that


The turbo and supercharger sounds for stock and modified ones need to be way louder. You only notice them in the Cockpit view but from the outside they’re super quiet. Especially when you look back in cars like the hellcats, demons and other turbo or supercharged cars you shouldnt hear anything else than the screaming superchargers or spooling tsu tsu tsu tsu tsu turbos !

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Also, no one online (including people in your convoy) can here the Supercharger, even when upgraded to sport or race. The sounds of the engines for most of the game in general needs better sound quality, closer to real life in instead of it sounding computerized and digital. Roblocks ironically does a better job at that. And another thing thats so bad for the game is sound distance, the sound in the game only reaches so far (too short mind you) then cuts off right when you leave that area range. That is massively unrealistic and vary noticeable when your in a area with walls for sound to bounce off of to only hear nothing when revving the engine or honking your horn. Your friend can literally be at one end of the tunnel and you on the other end and you wouldn’t be able to hear each other at all.

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It would be awesome to have louder turbo whistle, be able to choose which blow-off valve (branded or not) sound you want and have better or adjustable exhaust sounds. Muscle cars dont have a loud choppy idle like they have in real life. NFS heat has a lot of these things available as well as a lot of PC games. Sound is just as important as cosmetics to most car guys.

Great job, great game!! Keep the mod updates coming!!

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It is 2023, there is going to be a huge rally update. Yet the iconic Subaru has its sounds copied and pasted.
I rally multiple times a year and the Subarus are known for their beautiful boxer engine and BOV.
But in FH5 you can barely hear it without destroying your ears with max volume.
It sounded awesome in FH4. You developers love copy and pasting things but you couldn’t keep the turbo sounds from FH4? Why make it worse? Have you ever seen a Subaru in real life?
It’s really disappointing that this game has silly features like wheel spins and fortnite dances but I can’t get a 22b because some kids are auction house sniping them and selling for 20mil. Why?

Why isn’t there a very simple option to turn the turbo sounds up in game? Who cares about what clothes my avatar has? Seriously? Why does my fully built Subaru sound NA?


Please improve turbo sounds and how they work, also better spool noises as you can never really hear them, for instance when sat at mph in certain cars you change gear and the turbo will flutter? as for better sounds we need more of a variety of sounds, some louder etc, especially when you apply a big turbo and you can hardly hear the spool and the BOV is just recycled from old titles

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What happened to the turbo spool and all in all turbo sound while driving and cruising?
In FH3 you could clearly hear that youre driving an turbo charged car, but nearly every car in FH5 has only a blow off sound and no turbo spool sound!!!

Please give us more turbo sound!

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tbh i find all other cars to be suspitously quiet, I usually drive in 3rd person with far cam and when a loud V8 pulls up directly beside me I cannot hear him over my inline 6… like at all which doesn’t quite feel right.

would love perhaps a slider in the audio menu that makes other people’s engine/turbo/especially anti lag pops a lot more noticeable.

anti lag pops in general seem weird on every car it sounds loud but when other people have it installed I see the flames but I don’t hear any pops and bangs. i did notice when a buddy of mine grabbed a celica build i made that i can hear his pops and bangs from far away, wile the Z400 with anti lag standing right beside me is dead silent (in the pops and bangs department) i would love to be able to really hear the pops and bangs, get some battlefield BC2 vietnam flashbacks going. (who ever did the …player car sounds for the pops and bangs give that man or team a raise they sound AMAZING).

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Turbos have to build boost pressure for the blow off valve to make the sound
And we just need louder better sounds
FH3 had better turbo sounds

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I really want the turbo go “stututu”…


Who remembers in fh3 when you accelerate in First Person View and the Turbo(s) would Spool Up really loud and clear (WSHHHHH TUU WSHHH TUTUTU) and it sounded really addicting, (Mercedes 190e turbo sound fh3) almost like your car has a Screamer Pipe Fitted to it :heart_eyes::ok_hand: in fh5 I’ve noticed the turbo spool up sounds are almost silent compared to fh2/3 and it has instead been replaced with gearbox whine and intake bass… the turbo sound is hardly noticeable anymore, it’s honestly a shame. Personally I loved the turbo sounds in fh3 much more than the intake noises and gearbox whine in fh5. it adds to the experience and actually feels and sounds like a turbo’d car :fire:


I am totally with this. THE MOST ANNOYING SOUND in FH5 is the Supra blow off valve sound with the race turbo - The choochoochoo sound. I said Supra for reference, I know it’s on more vehicles than the Supra. -Not only is the sound itself unrealistic, the way it actuates is completely unrealistic. This perfectly exemplifies the aforementioned issues. You can literally apply 1% throttle below 1000rpm (OBVIOUSLY not in boost) and get a blow off sound like you just built 30+psi of boost. That’s just simply now how cars work; not how turbos work. I genuinely do not understand how or why the sounds get worse over time/each game. I really could sit here and type out a solution/how turbos work - Instead, I’ll suggest the developers get on Youtube and search “turbo sounds.” It is that readily available… how is this wrong…?
Don’t get me started on anti-lag going absolutely nuts during partial throttle… shouldn’t be doing anything like that under load… Turbo related… However, I’ll go find another thread for that.


Yes. I feel like the devs should do this. In FM7, you could chamge this by a slider in the settings, why not in FH5?

I would like to have the ability to be able to change the sound of the turbo blow off sounds so we don’t have to downgrade turbos to get the sound we want

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Vote for louder turbo spool sound… its still way to quiet…

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