If you read this T10, thanks for making FM3 so amazing.

Today, my Forza Motorsport 3 OST CD arrived, and as soon as I put it in my Xbox and started listening to the tracks, all the memories I had of FM3 came flooding back to me. When I played FM3 for the first time many years ago, I had no idea that it would go on to become my favourite videogame of all time.

Forza Motorsport 3 really sparked my love for the Forza franchise (it was the first Forza I ever played), and even to this day I still think about the amazing memories I had with the game, and just how fun it truly was.

So T10, if you ever see this, thank you so much for making FM3 the special game that it was, and making it so fun and enjoyable. It’ll always be my favourite videogame of all time, and I hope that one day I get the chance to play it again and relive those amazing memories.


I missed out on X360 Forza games but I finally got an X360 and I’m enjoying them so much. All of them.

The car lists are amazing with so many 2000s cars we just don’t see anymore. The cars make those games so nostalgic even though I didn’t play those titles before. Other than that they are just very good racing games. Sure, the graphics aren’t as sharp as modern titles and the AI isn’t amazing, but It amazes me how much care the devs put into them.

Makes you even sadder that they can’t be made backwards compatible, those titles deserve to shine on new consoles. Could you imagine FM2, FM3 and FM4 running in 4K in 60fps on Xbox Series X? The worst thing is that it’s technically possible, yet due to licensing unfortunately not likely to happen.

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