I think the Horizon formula is done. It is not just FH5


I’ve been playing since Motorsport 1, and have played racing games since Indy 500 on the Atari 2600. I am what people call a “hardcore” player… I can do top 30 in the leaderboards in any Forza game if I put some tries in it. (Can’t do higher because most of the ones above are cheaters).

I have played for 240 hours FH5. I have been pretty tolerant to the bugs, since I enjoy focusing on rivals, and I love to jot down my times with all the cars in specific circuits I do like to race. (No local leaderboards after a million years, thank you PG).

I also play iRacing, Raceroom, Assetto Corsa, rFactor, Automibilista, etc. I play all PC simulators, I love racing games.

I play console stuff too, Gran Turismo, PCars, NFS, etc.

My point is, I love racing games, and can enjoy sims, simcades, arcade games, etc.

However, I believe that Horizon is a formula that has reached its limit of entertainment for most “hardcore” and returning players.

Horizon will wow new players for the first hours, or days, until the player gets sucked into the tedious, grindy and dull nature of the formula.

If you have played Horizon before, what would not be boring about FH5?

Almost everything is a chore in this formula now. All challenges are the same, tune a car, do this 3 times, do that 3 times, get the car you already had in another Horizon,

The new cars, honestly do no handle too differently, so even the new cars are not something very appealing in my opinion, specially if they are locked behind tedious social oriented activities.

Think about it. Everything is a grind, everything is a chore.

Do we play to get the old cars that we already got in other Forzas?

Do we play to end up with 200 million to spare and infinite wheelspins?

Do we play to be forced to do the hideous playground games, eliminator, and other online “social” stuff?

I only “play” the chores to get the cars because, as I said, I like to drive all of them and do hot laps, or try to do hot laps using the rivals feature.

We all know Horizon is not a competitive or even a racing game. It is a “playground” revolving around kid stuff, flying cars, people dancing everywhere when a car passes by, two wave runners passing above you, the bone shaker, the saloons on dirt, the Le Mans protos in rivers, etc.

If we add the careless approach on the game with a million bugs, the same vices from other games being carried over, etc, well, we end up with something to hate, lol.

To be honest, I will not buy the next Forza game, being motorsport or horizon.

I just played this last one to death because it is in my nature to be “hardcore” about racing games, however, with this one, I am done.

What do you guys think about the Horizon formula being already boring and dead?

What could they do to make it not boring anymore?

I believe nothing, lol, just change the skin again, rinse and repeat.

Peace out.


It’s never been a hardcore racing game. It’s twenty games in one, designed to appeal to a very broad audience. It’s a sandbox where you decide what you want to do. You make it what you want it to be.

If I wanted hardcore racing, I’d be back on Gran Turismo aiming for top 25 in the world again. Been there many times. Hardcore racing can get boring, too.


But you can’t decide what you want to do if cars are locked behind a bunch of modes I hate and stupid forced online play.

I love circuit and street racing and modern cars, I don’t enjoy drifting, and I hate playground games eliminator horizon tour and trial because they’ll force me to use cars I don’t like and play modes I don’t enjoy to get cars I like that are locked. That is the opposite of a sandbox

If I could advance by enjoying my road racing and picture taking and unlock cars I would be elated with this game and find it hard to put down. As it is now I don’t see myself even wanting to play and grind the minimum for locked cars.

Sure it’s a sandbox, but if you play it the way you like you may get zero game rewards for it and what fun is that?

This, plus the fact that it’s tracking to be the most popular Forza game ever made pretty much ensures that this formula is here to stay (for Horizon).

exactly and thats what this is, and what it should always be

track racers are dull. round and round you go seeing the same scenery forever. booooooring.
thats why this game was invented.

go play gran turismo

Always hated this argument, and I hate the people who use it even more. Have you even played any other race game besides the Horizon games? Because the definition of an arcade racer isn’t “not hardcore”. Plus, if it is a sandbox, then I should have the option to make it as hardcore as I want without the game design failing it constantly.

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It’s not finished with, the team just isn’t capable of evolving it into what it is supposed to be. It needs better Ai, proper shops for vinyls, and tunes, improved physics, and better locations. For Multiplayer you need gatherings for things like live vinyl competitions in the open world. Real festivals, with real people watching live World race finals with a tier system.

Forza horizon has hardly begun, because nobody knew how to do it properly.

That would make it 1000 times better, indeed.

Hope it happens one day.

It isn’t done because FH5 is extremely easy to play and Microsoft is pushing heavily towards the casual market in a bid to dominate and even monopolize the gaming industry.

It ticks the boxes for good graphics and good gameplay. But Playground is nowhere nearly as good of a studio as most people think. The responsibility for Forza Horizon’s success is all on Turn 10’s shoulders, because they were the ones who originally created the ForzaTech engine. Playground has never created anything from scratch apart from their maps and the sky effects.

Whenever we see them trying to diverge a little from the roots of Forza, they trip, because, in truth, it’s too much for them. Even in the sounds department, the franchise fell from grace after Playground took over audio production from Mike Caviezel.

tl;dr FH5 is fun to play because it is Forza. Give the Frostbite or EGO engine to Playground so they make a new NFS, let’s see if they’re really as good as people think. To add some spice, let them work under EA’s short deadlines instead of Microsoft’s comfort.

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To me rivals means nothing and wouldn’t even noticed if it went missing the next game. I don’t care about competitive online racing. But I love Eliminator and the Tag games (PGG).
Different people that play and like the same game. Plus the Event Lab where I can make almost anything. Only FH can deliver the gameplay I want.
Not to mention the most important thing. Horizon games have the most fun handling of them all. Yes, for me.
Was a huge GT fan. Bought every game, but after 6 I even stopped playing games. All of them. People get bored of anything.
It was after seeing gamplay of FH3 that made me purchase an Xbone with FH3. And I still play Horizon games regularly today. But there’s still this thought that maybe it’s time to put down the controller again.
Maybe I won’t buy FH6, but that it’s still far away and it won’t be because of the Horizon formula, but because of being bored playing any game.

I actually kinda agree. In reality, other than the new location, there isn’t really much difference between 4 and 5 in my opinion. There were tweaks to many things, but overall it just feels like a really big FH4 expansion. I’m not sure if I consider this a good or bad thing. On one hand, there’s the “don’t fix what isn’t broken” aspect. But on the other hand, it really does feel a bit stale at this point. I’m getting burned out on FH5 much faster than I did on any of the previous FH games.


Yes, exactly - been playing FH5 for a month and… its already boring. I played FH4 nearly non-stop form more than 2 years… BTW, there are some car bugs that get carried from FH4, so FH5 is just a facelift of FH4…
I understand what is the target audience for FH, but I am disappointed with Hot Wheels and Lego add-ons - come on, a lot of players are adults, we don’t play with lego anymore…

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In some areas, I would even call Horizon 5 a botched facelift. I also really wish they would stop trying so desperately hard to appeal to today’s kids as well. I played the first Horizon game when it came out and I had just turned thirteen. I didn’t need emotes and dumb phrases on a chat wheel to enjoy myself. All I needed was some good cars, good roads, and a bunch of snoopy characters to put into place. Nowadays, I could ask the characters in these games to chew the six-day-year-old gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and they would do so eagerly.


IMHO this kids stuff, “color” in game characters, prosthetics etc - political correctness, touches a lot of games recently… sad . BTW - is it only me, or the map is really big but… empty??? There is so much empty spaces, no buildings, no nothing - sand, rocks and cactuses…?


I think the formula is ok but the application is getting bad.

Tweaks are needed. I don’t have a favorite track in 5 which is unusual for me. I actually want a milder, longer cross country circuit track, not with massive jumps all the time.

Something is off in this game but seems redeemable to me.

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FH5 isn’t bad, it just brings nothing new to the table. It also falls short in many areas in comparison to FH4.


yes they need an update. they need to have garages were you can store like your top 5 cars together in the garage. they need tuning updates body kit updates and the list goes on. It has become very stale and has been pretty much the same game since horizon 2. I like you have been into racing games since outrun on the master system. been playing Forza since motorsports 1 and at that time it was a breath of fresh air coming from GT But along the way they have lost that and have become a very recycled game. It even worse that the same car models and bugs have been returning since all the way back from forza motorsport 2.

Hi, long time racing game fan here too - started playing on the Microcomputer in the 80s, then Atari, Sega, SNES, PS…you name it. Love affair with console racing games started with GT and since playing FM2 on the x360 and all the horizon games which followed - haven’t looked back.

FH5 is a good effort and a pretty solid game all in all. However, being a “game”, not everyone will be happy. I’m usually quite critical of racing games, but this one, they have pulled off nicely. Give them a little credit.

Just my 2.

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Yeah well I’ve played all the games since the 80’s as well, plus programmed them, and FH5 has good physics, but still not all that realistic. Plus consoles were not as good as some PC racing games.

Of all the racing games and sims I have played in over 40 years, (lol time flies by), the two I enjoyed the most were these:

1.- Daytona USA Arcade version by Sega. I even had an arcade machine at home since I loved that game so very much. Obviously it had arcade physics (super fun), and was not serious, but that is the one I enjoyed the most in my entire life.

2.- Gran Turismo 1 on PS. Horrible physics pretending to be real, but super ultra fun to play and progress through the campaign.

I have no problem with arcade games, but Horizon is really boring to me now. Same stuff for so many years, just like Call of Duty or FIFA.

3.- Raceroom Racing Experience on PC. Love the physics, the cars, everything is pretty “real”, but it is something very different. It is not as fun as some simcades, and arcades, to be honest, but it is very satisfying to improve lap times and compete with other super fast amazing drivers which make you give your 100%.

I wish Rivals would have an option to limit upgrading, have an option just for stock cars, no tuning allowed, and remove the cheaters. Just to have those options, so people can choose to either race “seriously” in stock cars, or to be a tuned car racer, or whatever, but GIVE US THE OPTIONS.

I have to write down on paper all my times for 500+ cars, because there are no local leaderboards. How hard could it be to implement them? That would be much easier to do than designing 40 different sandals, or ugly sweaters for X-mas, lol.