I need a restore point as of 15 July or later

Installed new update 17 july 2014 size 17.3G, after the install (couldn’t SYNC with cloud) all data lost Cars everything gone. I was on the phone with XBOX support for 8 hours (no luck), can’t contact forza…not happy, I have done everything (Factory resets everything (All my data shows up on this site, but not my Xbox one…HELP

I need a restore point as of 15 July or later, turn10 are you going to help me. I have not or can’t not get in contact with any support people at turn10 support… help, help… my cloud is not update dated I need my game data dated 15 july or later!


Xbox Support should be your contact, since they are the ones who administer The Cloud, not Turn 10. You and I both have the same ability (none) to retrieve a different “restore point” and I’m pretty sure Xbox Support will tell you the same thing.

Turn 10 is the studio which produces the games, not the Xbox LIVE storage system.

I think it depends on the situation. I have called support and there were one or two times that they were able to grab a specific cloud save for me when the current was corrupted. He may want to give it a shot anyway.


Thanks for the information, that only means i lost a lot of time and money (i was only a level 279 with about 3M and 1400 tokens, probably spent over 8000 on cars and upgrades). Xbox support team told me ( they could not give me any token back, because turn10 studio receive them). I am going to start over just to play with friends, i’ve already spent 70 dollars to get car i had to have back in my collection, plus the guys i play with own almost every freakin car (SUCKS), I work to many hours to play the game that hard again.


When you’re spending so much real world money like you said, an additional $70 for in-game content, I would be disappointed to lose those tokens or that content simply because somewhere something you have absolutely no control over messed up and removed your gamesave. At the very least, you should be able to get the cars back or a portion of your unspent tokens in the new save. If nothing else, it’d be a nice move on their par…


Sorry about your ill fortune, friend. Best of luck rebuilding your collection.

We should be able to make backup copies of our saves or something.

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Let us know how you get on buddy.

Sorry about your luck man. Hopefully Xbox support can help you further. Unfortunately we can’t manually restore our systems to an earlier date, like we can with a PC. I would certainly love to see a feature like this come to a gaming console, or atleast be able to backup our saves onto our consoles.

I had an issue with my Forza 4 save a couple times. Even if you don’t have the time to grind the game, enjoy your time racing. That’s what this game is about. Maybe you’ll find new cars you enjoy this time around!

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Hey - now there’s actually a good idea. RESTORE POINTS for game saves. A save is basically data. Shouldn’t be too big of a file. Why not have saves as restore points for you last 3 gaming sessions, with date and timestamps? And if T10/MS are worried about the potential for save manipulation, then make this capability only available Xbox Live techs…but the backup/restore data would be safely saved on your HDD…not the cloud.

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What is so frustrating about this is some of us have credits and cars we would be more than willing to gift to people in this situation.

I won’t say more here but will post in the features wishlist thread.


If Xbox Support are not able to help you with restoring your save, then please drop me a private message on the forums.


Thank you all for the help and positive comments, I totally agree and Xbox live agree about the restore point. as of yet i have not receive any positive information of regaining my data.

I see some GAMERS, that have outrageous numbers (please protect your DATA) :slight_smile: I know how much time it took to get their…

If I could get my data back that would be great, my new profile is at a level 52 (destiny took a lot of my time this weekend) and i’m over a million coins working my way to level 100, but if i could get my data i would take it back in a heart beat even if i lost my current data. This is what i lean big time (I will do everything with in my power to back-up and/or retain current data.

AGAIN THANK YOU ALL, I feel a lot better now that some one listening

We’ve seen in the past that “backing up” gamesaves lead to many exploits to essentially generate infinite cars and credits. while it certainly would be nice to have something to fall back on incase the cloud doesn’t work it would have to be something that people can’t use to glitch.

@angryBassman - might want to take a look at Helio’s post if you haven’t already

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