I have to ask

At this point, I have to ask… - Is the complete and total lack of PC bug/glitch fixes & texture optimization intentional??

Microsoft owns T10, so it would be no surprise, at all, if they were specifically told to ignore all the PC stuff or that it’s a very low priority compared to XBox. The PC version of this game is just… . . I don’t even know what word to use. - The “known” list of PC bugs is getting longer, there are things on it that have been known about since launch, many things were marked as “resolved” or incorrectly marked as “resolved”…

When players with very good quality rigs above RTX 3070+ / RX 6700+ with lots of VRAM and RAM are having all kinds of graphical texture issues, you should know that you need to do something about it… STOP IGNORING IT. There is absolutely NO REASON!! - AT ALL!!! as to why an XBox Series-X should play this game at a higher framerate with less bugs and texture nonsense than a powerhouse gaming PC… unless it’s intentional.

At LEAST!! fix the horrendous trees! That, right there, is the single most irritating PC bug. - You can quickly/easily search YouTube and find all kinds of videos on this. It’s very easy to see. There’s no missing it. Why do they look like smudged garbage from a distance, then suddenly “pop in” like they’re trying to scare you?? - Telling users to use these settings, not those or this feature, not that is NOT!! a FIX! - That’s just a nonsensical cop-out and workaround.

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I doubt it’s intentional. It’s likely more down to that fact that when working on debugging it’s far easier on the Xbox side with limited known architecture and OS vs the PC side with an almost infinite variation of hardware and drivers complicating it to the point that I’m constantly amazed when ANYTHING works lol.


It’s most definitely intentional, as there’s no question as to which platform gets the most focused development… It’s not PC.

Yeah, it’s not like Microsoft makes Windows or something…


I’d be willing to bet the coding hours tell a far different story. Xbox likely gets and requires far less than PC just because of the reasons I stated. You’re NOT getting shafted. If anything you’re being catered to and pampered to try and make it work. Just my opinion of course, I don’t have evidence for this case, just experience in similar.

EDIT : And not saying it doesn’t suck that things are so bad on the PC side, it does, and you have my sympathy.


No, a fixed, set platform is easier to work with. That’s definitive… However, I don’t see ANY other titles having these issues. Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, Dying Light 2, & Assassin’s Creed; Valhalla don’t even so much as hiccup when fully maxed out, playing in 4K. I stop playing FH5 for a while… . . come back after an update has been posted and want to pull my *&!! hair out when I immediately see that things are either the same or worse than before. I just don’t get it. There are other studios making leaps and bounds on a weekly basis with game updates and these guys have janky trees.


Yeah Cyberpunk launched with no issues or bugs at all…


Yeah… MS makes Windows, but that’s a completely and totally separate team dedicated to that specific work. What they’ve done on Win11, especially with the latest 22H2 is excellent work. The extremely slim-downed, bloatware free build I made of it is smooth and fast like Linux.

Look what they’ve done and continue to do to improve it… FH5-PC has not improved since launch. AT ALL. They launched it buggy & left it to mold.


It doesn’t matter that there are different teams. The salient point is that Microsoft is in charge of all of those teams. Why would they push for xbox support over Windows? Your initial argument there simply makes no sense. If anything, Windows is probably their larger, more important market.

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The game looks nice on my PC apart from the glowing tunnels, and night time, and I think that the XBox also has glowing tunnels, and bad night time.

I think I’ve heard same for some but fwiw they’ve never been problems on mine. Just lucky :wink:

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They do it, because of “Game Pass”… With it, they’re providing non-gamers and gamers with little to no true gaming hardware with the ability to stream games from Xbox Seriex-X based servers…

that’s not Game Pass, that’s Xcloud, which is only included with Ultimate game pass on limited games
your conspiracy theory is wrong lol

Have to say in my case cyberpunk didn’t do that bad. I didn’t play it at launch. Had to take an exam and wanted to reward myself with cyberpunk. So i got it 3 days after launch with the first hotfix. I think in the first 50 hours my PC crashed 2-3 times. If memory serves FH5 got over 20 in that ammount of playtime,… One of the problems is, that you have to tinker a lot with the graphics settings until it runs half way stable.
That already was a problem with fh4 btw. I don’t say Horizon is a bad game, I love it and I have spend a lot of hours with it. But in terms of stability and bugs it could be the most plagued one in my case.
Edit: In Horizons defense the DLC went pretty flawless, except for rival times not updating and a bug with x class cars.

That’s good for you but remember Playstation stopped selling Cyberpunk to PS4 customers from memory and gave full refunds due to how bad it was for those users. Also remember the game itself was delayed more times then I can remember with countless public apologizes. Then when it finally launched there was endless complaints by so many users on how buggy the game was.

This is about PC. PS4 is irrelevant. Play Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, now… it has improved tremendously. - This game has NOT improved.

And it never will. It is what it is. History speaks for itself.


I don’t doubt that at all and the topic question is intentionally flippant… There just has to be some sort of definitive answer for this and why it’s like this.

The only graphic intensive PC gaming I’ve ever done was mainly flight/combat sims, but I know I used to have similar issues regardless of how much “high end”hardware I built into the machine. There always seemed to be driver issues, software conflicts, etc in some form. Assuming maybe some of these could still be contributors within the PC realm?