I Enjoy Rivals

you can rival your own ghost and it keeps your ghost even when you beat your ghost, it updates it.

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Hello folks. How big is the chance that we will also get a rival mode for the ForzaGT and Touring Car classes?

@StrawHatSean257 thanks for starting this thread. I use Rivals for tuning and testing my cars against each other. I also like to see the lines better drivers take. Catch is almost all my friends are way faster than me and they are always the default. Turn 10 can u please allow us the choice of starting rivals against someone nearest our time or the slowest driver when 1st driving a track. Also others had a great suggestion of sorting by car or car type. Please listen devs, please!

Once you’ve set a time, you can select someone near you. It’s an option on the rivals scroll bar (and unlike FH5 it does work).

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Yeah I always use that @Jezza14 then i either set the next driver near me or myself so as i improve i dont need a reset. Thing is i learn best from other drivers