I Enjoy Rivals

I am going to give a shout out to my favorite feature… Rivals. I enjoy rally, like back from the early 90s rally and so setting times is my thing!

Rivals just needs a little TLC and as someone else said, a way to target/see what times your friends have set so you can hop on and try to compete.

Reminds me of TXR in a way, i feel like i am actually getting better with a car that I built from the ground up with no hand holding. Rivals offers that.

I also enjoy fighting games and Rivals mode gets that vibe going for me.

Rivals needs:

  • Direct friends challenge.
  • Ghost on/off? Maybe i missed that option but sometimes i drive better with it on or off when things get heated.
  • More incremental series (ie: Subaru wrx rivals, Battle of the Beetles, RWD Sedan battles…) vs just A, B, C builds. Open up/announce/Cycle out the custom Rival series every few weeks and you build excitment! It would be cool to see who builds the best Miata over a span for 5 weeks for example and puts up the best times. Big flashy leaderboard statuses and trophys or whatever…

Anyway, yea Rivals is where ill be. :wink:


Yeah rivals is good fun.

I’ve been buying a car, picking a track and then just driving till I hit my best lap. Then exit, upgrade the car and have another go.

It’s cool trying to beat people who are in higher PI cars until you just have to upgrade to go faster, and it really makes you sense the small details of how the new parts affect the car.


To turn off Ghosts, go to Settings > Gameplay & HUD > scroll down to Details and you’ll see it there.

Feel free to add me if you want some more leaderboard fodder for Rivals :+1:


Rivals was my favorite feature of FH5, glad to hear they’re in FM too. Haven’t tried much of anything yet, but the updated physics has really impressed me and is gonna make hotlapping against others’ times much more engaging than it was in FH5.


No wet tracks in rivals?

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Shame even that has problems, I have beaten an intentionally slow time of mine multiple times now and my time on the board isn’t changing.

All of them were clean laps, I tried using default fuel + tyre settings, tried racing a different rival, tried racing a different rival with the addition of not beating it but still doing better than my leaderboard time, nothing.

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Edit: Also happened when I went on the Club circuit, did 2 laps, both clean, the leaderboard has my standing start 1st lap as my time instead of the 2nd which would have went up at #1.

2nd edit: Just for the sake of it I went and tried the Club Reverse.

Yep, same thing happened.

Wouldn’t have lasted any worthwhile amount of time as it’s not even an upgraded car I used but that’s a #1 time on every Eaglerock course I have just been screwed out of.


That’s bad.

I thought that I’m getting better every time I’ve beaten my ghost.

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Ya, rivals is a blast! Always enjoyed it here way better than FH. Seems more fun for some reason


Just tried it. It’s kind of fun chasing someone around to practice the track.


So is rivals the only place where there are leaderboards? i always enjoyed chasing leaderboard times in FreePlay…


Even in rivals there’s a fair share of issue for one self ghost doesn’t seem to update lap after lap, and then there’s all the glitches cars on the leaderboard lapping 6-8 second faster than the comparable class cars.

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It’s so weird everyone in FM playerbase likes all kinds of stuff, some like hotlapping, some like rims, some like wide bodies, some want smokes, some want 10 editions of one JDM, some want drag, some drift, yet to see anyone wishing for professional racing.

Before speaking of professional racing we need a stable foundations. How can you even consider pro racing in this moment?

if the system is unstable everyone will race unprofessionally? What I mean is the playbase is yet to discover the joy of a pure good racing, corner after corner, lap after lap of attacking and defending but leaving enough space not to crash others. We enjoy rivals because we are yet to discover the joy of pure racecraft and Forza does not fulfill it.

Yes, Rivals are a beautiful thing. Anyone is welcome to add me.

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There are private groups who do just that. You just can’t expect that from public multiplayer. Forza isn’t meant to be iRacing. You can’t force a wide audience to become good drivers.

I am not forcing anyone, it am just observing the fact that there’s no intention to be better drivers.

Well they are 10 years behind gran turismo in that regards, you can’t really blame the players when the game own mechanics promote dirty racing

Like you go trough the motion to get S rating, being extra careful around rammers because there’s a good chance the penalty system would penalize you instead, only for the game to drop you in lobby filled with B tier scum because they prioritised elo over safety in matchmaking and because the penalty system don’t recognize small bumps as penalty worthy, even of it makes you loose traction and so cost you the position at the next corner.

When the game studio is not supportive and protective of their racing community, the rammers wins.

It’s not like players don’t want, but the players can’t.


Yes, I think the whole design is based on the skill level of devs.

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I’m max safety and skill rated like many others and I will admit I can be an aggressive driver. Meaning I play fair but if you plan to block me I’ll push through, potentially taking you out and almost always never receiving a penalty for my actions. My point being, why do I have max safety rating when I do occasionally collide with others. I’m also not discouraged for my aggressive driving. Rather it seems I’m awarded with for it…