I Enjoy Rivals

Professional to me is people who get money to play, who do you think will invest money in something broke?

Microsoft and this game?

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Ok let’s say it different, you are a sponsor and you are going to pay people to play agonistic games for let’s say a championship.
Now you have 2 games to chose a broke and a flawless, which one are you chosing?

@DylanDrog already elaborated, read above.

Anything but this.

professional racing has nothing whith what you’re talking about bhabanism, professional gamers/racers get money to play, it’s a profession, a job…

OMG, in English get the meaning from context not dictionary

At this poin anybody who feels a professional gamer is a professional gamer

@DylanDrog I never said Professional gamer or racer which are noun, I said professional racing, which is a verb - driving and racing like a professional, which is not same as being a professional. What tangents you are headed to?

professional means a job to me

You have a lot of useless things to talk about. I will end here so that people who want to discuss about Rivals mode can do that.

And you have a lot of wrong thinghs to talk about… I won’t bother you anymore…

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I have watched my replay back in the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray of a my fastest lap at Laguna Seca and it is nothing like the lap I did. I know for a fact I went slightly wide on the second to last corner, not enough to dirty the lap but slightly wide, yet on the replay I come out of the corner near the middle of the track. Why is this ?

Can Rival mode be used to compete against a specific car? For example, I have a Mazda XX model, and I want to challenge someone on track XX who is also using the same car. Is there an option for something like this? I apologize for asking; I’m not really familiar with Rival mode yet.

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You can scroll through the leaderboard until you find someone using that car but unfortunately there is no filter which enables you to filter by car.

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Rivals is the best feature of this game. Would love if there was a way to sort results by vehicle used. I like picking non standard cars to race in rivals, and then see how far up the rankings I can place that vehicle. It’s fun landing in the top 300 or so with a car no one else is seriously using.


Totally. Would be awesome to find top tunes for uncommon cars.


I just got #1 S class eagle rock, tune is shared, no other car like it on the bords. Exact one I got #1 is shared.


Can’t remember which one it was (FM4 maybe) but they had a total time for every track in rivals, by car class - If you’d not set a time it gave you 30 minutes i think. That was fun. I loved focussing on my worst track and seeing how to make that a better time, changing cars and setup. It really prolonged the game for me and added a great deal of longevity. I have a spreadsheet at the moment I track everything on (if anyone wants a copy). Or friend me to join the rivals competition…


I also enjoy Rivals and currently is my go to game mode in Forza Motorsport. It would be nice to have a filter for car divisions (ie. Sport Luxury) , that way you’d know how good is your car/lap times compared to cars that are more or less the same, instead of scrolling all the way down and manually searching for other cars within that same division. Talking of scrolling down, a “Jump to Player” button that takes you down to your position would also be a nice addition.