I hope they fix rivals soon. It’s getting very tiresome having to quit after you beat a rival to get a new rival. The amount of load screen time is excessive. While we are on the topic of loading time…please fix the “find tune” as well. Almost everytime I click on that it says no tunes then I click out and it lags for multiple seconds then I have to click find tunes again and then the tunes show up. The amount of waiting in this game is brutal. I will say its nice when you do horizon tour…in between tracks you can drive to the next track instead of waiting waiting waiting. Maybe implement that into every type of race so as to keep us engaged driving/racing.

It’s interesting as, until yesterday, every time I wanted a new Rival, I had to quit out and then re-enter…however, I was running the Canyon Rivals against my old ghost and beat it but then just pressed X to run it again against the same ghost and then couldn’t work out why the ghost was getting a better start than me or driving different lines than I had remembered. Turns out the ghost had been changed to a faster one…no clue how though

Sounds like it worked how it was suppose to but without showing next rival name when you had the choice to press x( bring it). Thats hopeful does it continue to change rivals now when you beat one?