What's the deal with Rivals (genuine question)

Hi guys,

I consider myself to be a fairly knowledgeable and decent Forza player. I really enjoy Rivals however something seems to be off, more so than usual Forza leaderboard antics. I’m no longer surprised by the glitched times which make up the top 10, laps of like half a second or something.
However what’s new to me is that the top 100 (even more now) is now filled with times that seem semi-legit but upon further inspection would be impossible. There’s times that are 5-10 or even more seconds faster than mine in cars that aren’t even maxed out in their class.

For example my best time on A800 Horizon Circuit is around 1:06, which feels pretty decent to me, but then for example there’s laps in cars in the low 700 range that lap several seconds faster than me, there’s a whole range of laps from aroung 50 seconds to 1:02 all in different cars. What’s so strange is there is no clear cut-off from people who do legit laps and people who cheat.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on? Am I just missing an entire meta that laps WAY faster than I can? Am I just really 5+ seconds off the pace or is there really widespread cheating? If so, will it ever get fixed?


I wouldnt look too much into it to be honest. There are so many cheaters and devices to give you boosts etc that you cannot really determine whats a real time and whats not and you will just drive yourself (pun intended!!) nuts trying to understand how they did it. In rivals you can race against the ghost of the other players, you will easily see whats going on if they are cheating. I raced one player in the top ten on FH4 once and it was clear to see he had some sort of turbo boost on demand as it was B class cars and he left me on a straight out of a slow corner like he was in a X class car like it was so blatent it was unreal. Took off up the road like a Ferrari Evo XX in a B class Mercedes.

That being said there are some very skilled players out there too and some just know the best lines, including some short cuts that are genuine and that have helped me reduce my time in the past. Imagine racing in the same car as some of those top youtube players, i bet no matter how good you think you are doing they will do better albeit by smaller margins the shorter the race etc.

Just my thoughts though :slight_smile:

Having done a lot of Rivals in FH4, I know where my level is compared to the fastest drivers so I know where on the Leaderboard to look for the “real” 1st place…on a leaderboard I was looking at yesterday, the real 1st place was actually 64th place. Generally, you will see a clump of players with maxed out PI and driving MC (manual with clutch)…generally they will be the real times, although they can still be surrounded by exploit/hacked times.

It’s difficult to say though…I consider myself a better than average player who has quite a few Top 20, Top 10 and even Top 3 (well, one Top 3 last time I checked) places on D500 Road Rivals…and I have raced with people who could beat me in cars with 50 or more PI less…partly because of controller configuration (I use auto gears and buttons for accelerate and brake, they with manual and clutch and triggers) and partly through talent.

Generally any time set using auto that is faster than a time with MC is suspect…although there are exceptions as I have set times quicker than players using MC…every day I worry someone is going to report my legitimate time as suspicious because they think a player using automatic gears cannot possibly go as fast as I do!!

I will have a look at thet leaderboard when I go on the game and see where I think the first legitimate time is

I just had a look, I can see two 1% players with 1:01 times which will be legit. I just did 1:05 at the first attempt in a Bone Shaker, which could probably go a second or two faster in the right hands. 1:04.6 at next attempt. Around a minute is probably the legit fastest achievable. Most of the top 100 are probably cheaters or glitches.


Yeah, am looking at it now and the 2 1%ers in 111 and 112 places are probably the first 2 legit times…possibly the time in 109th maybe.

Yeah 109 is either legit or certainly could be, no reason to think it isn’t given the 1%er times.

It’s sad that my favourite game mode is spoiled by the cheaters / glitched times, to such a bigger degree than FH4 was. Without a ranked mode, this is the only mode which would really incentivise me to buy the full game.

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In FH5 all of your “online” times will go to rivals.
So if you’re playing your campaign against drivatars but you’re “online”, all of your times will be displayed on the rivals leaderboard.

It’s a very good thing indeed, but they just FORGOT TO IGNORE EVENTLAB TIMES!!!

That’s it!

Create your own Eventlab race with different checkpoints so you can finish Goliath in 1 minute and you’ll be on top 1%.

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If this is legit the reason why there’s so many more cheat/glitched times than in FH4…


That would make so much sense. There were a couple of ghosts that I noticed were taking odd routes. One went through a barrier, and another I tried to follow, but went out of bounds, and Lakitu put me back on the track. Being an Eventlab race would explain that.

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That would make sense to be fair! Rubbish if thats the case. Pointless having a leader board as there are so many ways to by pass the official route etc. Ah they need to fix a lot of stuff in this game, good thing is its early days so they can hit it early to avoid people leaving the game due to the issues.

The rivals board is bugged in another way as well. If you go to the ‘near me’ page and use the d-pad to go up/down it takes you straight back to the top, 1st place. It means I can’t select the ghost directly above myself for example. (Using the mouse pointer I can, but that shouldn’t be necessary and doesn’t help console users.)


I really hope this isn’t true? I’m nowhere near my console so can’t check, but what a ridiculous oversight if it is…

Yeah I found this out yesterday, probably ‘by design’ and another change for change’s sake that’s gone wrong and will just make our lives even more painful in this game. Let’s hope it gets fixed before the end of 2022.

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There is a workaround for that. You have to manually scroll to your time.
Not the best solution if you are in 1000+ place, but at least it is possible

Also for FH4 “rivals challenge” group. Me and Jezza are now in discord rivals server. You can join too.
New people are welcome too.


How do we find that server? Tried all combinations I can think of but no server…does it need an invite?

Yeah I think we have to add them or vice versa and they can invite to their server.

I think it’s this one: HLDC: FH5 Hot Lap Challenges

I’ve joined, first time I’ve taken hotlaps seriously really, also I can’t add anyone yet from the leader boards because of that scrolling bug so this way I can at least compare myself a little.

I’ll join. I’ve been wanting to get more into rivals lately. You guys gonna be doing stuff for FH5 now on there or is it still for FH4 atm?

What sort of workaround is that? Come on :joy: That would take ten minutes. Also with the fact the rivals boards have millions of players now, a lot of people will be way lower than top 1,000, ie. could be top ten thousand or worse.

I am happy to do some sort of rivals with friends competition but I won’t use Discord, I don’t like it. If someone wants to arrange it on the forum, I’ll join in. Why do they have to use Discord? Well, it’s up to them.


You won’t use discord? Fair enough, I won’t pry. I had a few friends who wouldn’t use it either. Discord is far better at setting up stuff like that than these forums though. I ran my own server for awhile for a few games years ago. It’s useful, photos, times, chats, links, you name it. 2020 was the year I realized, past few (or ten?) years of my life I have been really anti social, kinda want to change that. Rivals group thing would be fun.

I did try using it, I just don’t see the appeal. Unless it changed since I last tried a few months ago, it was a mess, hard to use, very slow (on a powerful desktop PC) and inferior to simply using a forum thread where anyone can read current and past posts at any time easily. If there is some benefit to using Discord instead, I don’t understand what it is. But it seems to be the hip thing to use, and I’m probably seen as a dinosaur for not getting with the times, in which case so be it.