I don't understand the logic behind MP events

So hear me out, you connect to the game, go multiplayer, want to play GT forza, there’s only one event accessible that has a 25 minutes practice time for a 8 minutes length game… WHY ?
Why are GT events so short, you barely even play, the race is settled in the practice, that’s so backward it’s crazy someone thought it was a good idea. You can’t recover from any mistake (be it yours or someone else’s), it feels like a useless parade. And I’m not even accounting for the amounts of bugs that can happen, disconnect when the race finally start, get pole position in practice ONLY to be placed last on the grid because the game didn’t register your time for some reason…

There’s that event that keeps changing every weeks, I’m sorry, but those are always empty, and I know why, they’re just not fun. 3 times out of 4 the event is about an old soap box that’s impossible to drive unless you got a PHD in physics that can help you out with how the car tires will react. The entire race is “you” fighting your car, it’s basically a “snow” event without the snow.

Why isn’t there an event with those fast LMP cars that’s always there, those are always full and FUN to play.

I really don’t get their logic with this FMS, but it sure isn’t all that fun to play.


I think they should lower the max practice time for these short races. That being said i do really like how it’s different stuff every week, it gets people out of their comfort zone. You’re right though that some aren’t popular and it’s hard to find a lobby with 10+ players, at least on off hours for your region.

If you come in and see a 25min+ practice time, just play another event for one race, then go back to GT and youll be in the 7-9min time loop.

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I agree with your solution, but I mean, it’s a matter of taste, If want to play GT and find nothing, I’d go touring car, those are the only 2 events I like to play. Now knowing that every one doesn’t lake the same tracks, I love all the tracks but the ovals, so that narrows it even more when it shouldn’t.

Max practice should be 1.5-2x the race length IMO

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I don’t understand the logic of putting classes R and P in the same week…

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Are they doing that?

For a long time its been either e d c b and s r p x

Just checked, looks like that will be the first week this update… Guess I’m working on some other hobbies.

I can’t imagine the logic behind this.

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I can. They probably threw an automated system at generating the list without taking any consideration into the potential output.

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I dont actually mind the practise session length. I think its setup that way so that once you’ve done your first race you can go straight to the next race in the same event and it will have about 8min untill the race starts. So once the first race is done if you keep going straight to the next race you dont really do practise just qualifying.

That said I do wish they would just stop alternating the forza gt race length. Either just leave it on medium or actually introduce the long race option, there must be a long option or why else call it short and medium.

How many people actually want short race lengths in the GT event?


I’d like it if the Featured Multiplayer lobbies were only race sessions, with practice & qualifying being solo & asynchronous.
Then the race lobbies could cycle through more races faster.

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The Proto-H spec and P2 spec hoppers have provided by far the best racing, imo. Make it a permanent hopper and rotate between those two classes. Ya know, playing one of the cars that’s on the freaking cover of the game? And all the hype in the WEC/ IMSA world is the expansion of the Hypercar class… what’s so hard about adding the Ferrari, BMW, Porsche Hypercars? What am I missing? Is there anyone at Turn10 that keeps up with what’s going on in the Motorsport world???

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One concern I have is that sometimes the start times are inconsistent from week to week.

  • My club meets up at 20.00 every Monday to race in specific Featured Multiplayer series each week (this week it was E, next week it’s the Ginetta G40 Junior).

  • Normally, entry for a race closes at 20.05, with race start at 20.10

  • On some weeks, the race start would be at 20.00, which means everything needs to be shifted 10 minutes back.

  • Unless the entire club is in the game early, people are going to miss out on the first race (and 20 minutes).

  • There is no way to predict what the start time is going to be, plus my club has been running for 6 years and is conditioned to “show up at 8, get into voice/lobby, and then we queue up”.

  • I should make a thread on this, but I would like to see the times remain consistent from week to week so that it doesn’t inconvenience my community as well as any others that like to meet up at set times for Featured Multiplayer.

For Short races, I think a good solution would be to have race start at the following times:

  • xx.00
  • xx.20
  • xx.40
  • xx.00 and repeat

Keep that consistent across all series that use Short race length.

Assuming Medium is a 30 minute cadence (we mostly race Short so I’m less familiar):

  • xx.00
  • xx.30
  • xx.00 and repeat

Long, we don’t talk about Long.


Dude they just don’t care. They don’t even change formula mazda to mx5 cup after several months of formula mazda.
It’s not a good situation man. This game needs content sooo badly and they just don’t add enough stuff so players get bored more and more each day so they can’t add more hoppers too and this cycle goes on and on.
The only solution is to add more tracks and new exciting cars to add more people to the player base and then with a healthy player base they can make more lobbies permanent.

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Are you able to join mp lobbies with groups of friends and all get placed in same lobby with other randos?

Jumped into MP for the 1st time in months. The wait times are… crazy.

Can’t we just have a random grid option and go for it with minimal time in between?

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The game averages out your skill/safety ratings and then uses that to match you up with everyone else.

GT races should always be at least medium with 1 pit stop at least. I’d like longer than would require 2 or more.


That’s cool, i should really get more friends.

If you’re free Monday evenings, European time, you can be friends with us.