I don't understand the logic behind MP events

Yea im not a big fan of how they have multiplayer set up either and haven’t been since like fm4 or 5. Each time a new motorsport comes out the multiplayer gets more and more restrictive with them trying to force everyone to play the way they want us to play instead of us getting to play how we want.

I do have a solution to your qualifying problem though, its not a bug. What you described is happening because practice is just that practice and not qualifying. To qualify you have to select the qualify option either when you enter the race or you can pause and select qualify from there during practice.

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the issue with practice is that 99% of the players still suck afterwards, and all the ones who don’t, don’t need practice.


Like me. B|

Jokes apart, When its a 4 lap race week for Forza GT I play Forza TC because that’s when Forza TC is doing the longer race length.

But I suck at Forza TC though.

yeah I know about that, spent already 400+ hours on the game, there’s crazy bugs man, I can’t even start enumerating them. But when it works and everybody play peacefully, the game is just a blast. But yeah, like some say, mp events are either too short, or they don’t really give the best options they could :/, to be short, it could be so much better with such minimal effort that it’s hard for a player to comprehend why it’s not done by now

the horrendous selection in multiplayer is borderline disgusting. Needs a complete overhaul.

Not my fault the game doesn’t have enough players to fill the hoppers.

I don’t understand why there is 20+ minutes training and qualifying. I want to play races, this is ridiculous.

Why they not just remove training and randomize the starts? We could actually RACE nonstop like this.

Edit: What is the point of hard tires if they don’t last for 11 laps on Indianapolis? Why they even put them into the game, what is the point?

Edit2: The game just crashed again for me, are you for real? FIX THIS MESS! ETERNAL LOADSCREEN!

The game is very unstable @T10ManteoMax .

These things are available IRL.

But why 20+ minutes of it? If the training is longer than the race itself, it somehow ruins the gameplay.


Something to spend the next 4 weeks looking forward to, update 9 :laughing:

Yeah, nah did it to me 3 times this morning and then I just gave up

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I need to do a research about the length of IRL practice & qualifying sessions, then compare it to FM.

The game really feels like a Beta version atm.

Version 7.2 was stable somehow, but 8.0 isn’t.

@T10ManteoMax FIX YOUR MESS!

You ever acknowledged the current problems?

You will not find any racing league that has longer training/qualifying than race. I can stop you right there.

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Ok… good point.
My solution: driving school & circuit experience for career mode.
Also: did you solved my issue? :slightly_smiling_face:

Wich one?

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Disconnected from server

No because I can’t. I already solved it for myself, “NEVER USE WIN10 AGAIN”. But you use Win11 afaik. So I don’t know. I only had this problem on my old rig, while testing if the game still runs. But not on my main gaming rig.

I don’t know what causes it.

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Then, what should i do?! I searched the internet.

I simply don’t know.

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You still having the offline issues?

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Ok. Thanks.