I bought a racing game...

Can anybody tell me why I’m forced to play King and Infected in 95% of online championships? No offense to those that like those games, but I prefer racing. It’s bad enough that you have to pick one vehicle for 4 matches (which leads to nothing but AWD Audis and Lambos in every single lobby), but on top of that, you’re forced into game modes you may not even want to be in. Please, please bring back lobbies, I miss seeing a track, choosing (with more than 10 seconds) the proper car I’d like to race on said track, and doing it. If I feel like playing bumper cars, I could CHOOSE to do that as well, not be forced into it.


Most of the time, there’s only one playground event out of the four on a road trip while the others are races, but it’s just part of the game. It does suck that you’re only allowed to pick one car the entire trip, but it also makes it interesting. I would recommend just getting a group of friends to play and set up a private online free roam and then you can pick whatever you want to do.

Your not forced to play it friend


I swear I’ve read several threads that were basically identical to this one this weekend. If you find one, there you will also find my response.

Quite the opposite here; unsure how many Road Trips you entered, but I’ve done multiple sessions with only races, even with only races on tarmac only.

I think, but unsure, that the game kinda tosses a coin to match certain events into a roadtrip based on the type of cars everybody is running; see a lot of “Modern Rally”, chances are you get a trip with offroad / playground. My club tends to be different, we might run AWD-cars but usually stand out from the crowd by taking underdog-cars like the Zagato, the F50, Merc E-class regardless of the events that we’re getting/choosing.

/edit: I think you can start a Private Session as well with friends and ONLY race. But I would like to hear your opinion again on racing once you “dumbed down” from doing the same tracks over and over again in Career.

Learn what the little logos are for and ensure you vote for one that will satisfy you. Having some friends along with you can naturally help sway a vote your way of choice.

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Sadly lobbies seem to be a thing of the past for the Forza franchise…We asked for lobbies in Forza 5 for nearly a year and didnt get them i dont see lobbies being brought to this Forza either.

Eh… I’m over lobbies. Make sure to vote for what you want, and remember to submit a positive review on XBL with like-minded players so that even if you don’t friend them you still have a better chance of getting paired up with them again in the future.