How to hotlap againt ghosts?

Wondering how to race against ghosts.

Let’s say i want to hotlap on monza full under the rise of the supercar category, how can i select someones ghost to race against?

Seemed to be a lot easier in previous Forza’s.

Short answer is you can’t. If the event isn’t listed under rivals then you cannot select another players ghost to race.

If you are racing in free play and have ghosts set to on in the HUD options then you can chase your own ghost although if i remember correctly it doesn’t work 100% as expected. Never done it though as I find racing my own ghost to be off putting

You can race against your own ghost on freeplay. Set the opponents to ‘0’ and your ghost will spawn. (As long as ‘ghosts’ is set to ‘on’ in the settings.)

Sadly, this cannot be done infinity but you can set the laps to 50.

This does work but we are experiencing issues with this…
It SHOULD carry on spawning the ghost of your best, clean lap time… and sometimes it does …however… sometimes, with some cars, it just won’t. Sometimes it seems to record your very first lap and that is the ghost you’ll get until you quit out.

This seems to be a very irritating bug. Sadly (again) one of many on the new Forza Ms 7.

So all those times people have been told to watch replays and follow ghosts to get faster was a waist of time.

If all divisions had there own rivals section with all tracks available just like fm6 had for classes then I think homologation may of been bearable for most people. As it is most people don’t even bother to hotlap the homologation divisions

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This feature is not available in Forza Motorsport 7.

Joke of a game

You don’t. You just go into free play, select test drive, and drive the track for about an hour with the braking line on and watch for the braking points. That’s how you learn the track. You won’t be good on all the tracks or with all cars. Pick a couple of cars you like to drive in classes that are always available to drive in multi-player and learn them. Then learn a few popular tracks. That’s all you can do in this game.

I just go to free play, and go to the HUD options. Make sure ghosts is on. Not Rivals only. Then go on a test drive and it should start a ghost after the first lap.