Ghost - Question

I really miss one feature from older Forzas:

How is it possible to drive against your own ghost (which actually updates when your lap times get better) and how do I update the ghost when I have raced (and beaten) a rival and want to move on to the next rival? In older Forzas this all happened automatically. Am I missing something or is it just not possible?

You can pick your won ghost as a rival

under hud options there are 3 settings for ghosts, off, on and rivals only. I think by default it is rivals only. I generally use rivals only or off but I assume that off would show your own ghost as well. I have not actually tried it to confirm this though

Once in rivals mode when you beat your rival the ghost goes away, it also goes away if you finish and restart. As far as I know the only way to get the next ghost is to re enter the event from the rivals menu.

This is all correct.

Find your previous best time in the Rivals leaderboard and select it as a Rival. You can then race it until you beat it.

When you beat it, a faster time will show up as your target, but no ghost will appear.

To make the next ghost (or your new personal best) appear, you need to quit out of your current session and select it again.

Did they?, I know FM5 didn’t, not sure about FM4, can’t remember that far back.

Can’t quite understand why T10 can’t do it.

This is a bit iritating to me also.

Would be nice if it just updated the new ghost when you beat a rival, without the need to go all the way back to menu and start the Rival mode again.

Yeah i’ve moaned about it here on different threads as well. You gotta go all the way out to get a new rivals ghost and then of course it was too much for t10 to give you a rolling start before the final corner so you gotta do a whole new lap again from a stand still. Who programmed this game this way? Some genius who never played a racing game in their life besides Mario cart?