How to drive RWD vehicles with TCS turned off?


New to intermediate level player here, so please bear with me.
I think that I’ve learned enough about the game to be somewhat competitive. I can always win against Expert level Drivatars and can often place 1 to 3 against Pro and Unbeatable. I use an Xbox Controller, Normal Steering, Manual wwith Clutch and all assists but ABS off.
I’m also reasonable familiar with most meta cars / tunes ([FH4] Recommended Cars + Tunes For Ranked - Google Sheets).
Nevertheless, RWD vehicles are my Kryptonite. With TCS off I simply can’t control RWD vehicles. My whole brain power is used for throttle control and preventing wheelspin. It takes a while for me to catch up with drivatars and chances are that I’ll either drive too slow or end up throwing my car down a cliff at least 2 or 3 times per race.
With TCS enabled things are much better, but I still feel like cars understeer (Yes, understeer, somewhat counterintuitive since with TCS off it is very easy to oversteer). I end up having to break very early and, even doing so, I often still need to compensate understeer mid-curve by totally letting go of the throttle - and sometimes even pull the brake - until long after the curve apex. I have zero problems driving AWD cars, and while I’m not a great FWD driver, it isn’t anywhere as bad for me as RWD.
I really want to learn how to drive RWD vehicles competitively with all assists off, but me + a RWD Supra, GT86, NSX-R GT or even a Shelby Monaco KC = accident waiting to happen.

Any hints for someone that haven’t played any other Forza game to learn how to drive RWD vehicles in FH4?

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hm i know that problem,
i learned driving rwd cars by not tuning them and using less horse power first


I think the thing to do is to learn to tune them for neutral behavior - neither understeer nor oversteer - and then RWD is no harder to drive than AWD. I race about the same as you do except that I use auto transmission, but TCS is off, and almost all my cars are RWD. When they have no bad habits, you can drive them as hard as you want.

It is all about throttle control. The best way to learn is to do the same rivals repeatedly against your own ghost. That should help you get better control and you can easily then see where you are gaining/losing time against your best run. As you then get more familiar with that approach, you should find it easier to then go and try other courses.

That said, it’s still not generally recommended to use RWD powerbuild cars at ranked except in some specific adventures with a lot of long straights. The slow launch can often put you near the back of the field and fighting your way through in these relatively short races, particularly as not everyone will be racing clean, is much harder than if it was a collision off race.

The Supra is probably one of the easier powerbuild cars to learn to drive by the way: I use the tune by Tdu1platinummod.

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