How many gb will it be for Forza 6 to download?

I’m looking to buy the special edition of the xbox market place and was wouldering how much memory would it take?

If it isn’t listed on the Store page then we might not know it until the game is finalized (gone Gold), possibly in August.

Considering Forza 5 is 40 gigs, and Forza 6 has roughly 50% increase in cars and tracks, I’d say 60 gigs is the minimum you should expect.

Impossible to make it 60GB unless someone from T10 will confirm it physically ships on 2 discs. a single BD-disc has a maximum of 50GB from which about 48GB can be actual data. Ofcourse, this excludes day 1 patches and DLC.

It very well could ship as two discs. Forza 4 did. Also with the increase in cars and tracks as well as the physics of night racing alond with wet conditions it could very well be 60-65 gb. If you haven’t got one, you’d probally better get an external hard drive. I can only see games getting more and more indepth and will need to be larger.

Today I pre ordered fm6’s premium edition and it downloaded by itself as the normal.

But, I noticed that the game is only 131 MB sized.

Could someone explain to me why?

Thank you and sorry bout the bad english!

Probably because the game has not gone gold yet and is not ready to be fully published. Additionally, there may very well be a day one patch to complete the content.

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Blu-ray XL discs can hold 100GB

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That is not the game. Bundle edition games include an overarching file that manages the process.

The instructions on the right in the store on the console explain that you will need to manage the bundle when the game releases.

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Forza 3 and 4 did because they couldn’t fit it all onto one disc… FH2 was 10gb(?) And it has increased to I think 40 now through updates and dlc.

We can not be sure. Yes we could say add 50% on to FM5 (including all FM5 dlcs and updates etc).

We don’t know if there have been any efifciencies gained since then or from the new engine.

Personally I would make sure you have 60gb free.

With regard to Octagon Controls post I am not sure how Xbox One games are packed on the disc and then unpacked. If compressed on disc you could have 40gb come to 60gb once installed for example.

Well, not sure how XBox Store condsiders game size, but it just showed 120 Gb for FM6…!!?

120 gig?? Holy [redacted]!

“You’re smiling.”
“It’s really big.”
“Is it bigger than Forza Horizon 2?”
“It’s bigger than Forza 5. Forza 5 was almost a full blu-ray.”
“So it’s huge.”
“It’s enormous.”
at minute 63:45

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Thanks for the link. That was actually a really good interview. But by the way Dan talks about the size of the game, I’m probably going to need to get an external HDD.

Ive just digitally pre ordered Forza 6 Standard, and its just loaded up but the file size altogether is only 156 mb.
can someone explain how this works…does it fully download closer to release date when its all finalised?

Yep, that’s mainly just “keys” of sorts, to verify you own the items at this point. There’s probably a bit more than just “keys” being downloaded obviously, at 156mb, but I wouldn’t guess at what is what myself.

The game itself will be available for pre-load closer to launch, but I don’t have an exact date or time for you I’m afraid.

There is no definitive time for pre-loading and it varies from game to game. For example, you can Pre-Load Rare Replay, coming out on the 4th of August so thats a week out. However you can already Pre-Load Gears of War, a game that comes out on the 25th of August - so there could be some variation here.

It may be one week out, or 2 weeks out, or 3 days out from Sept 10th that you could start pre-loading.

As for the size, Dan G tweeted that the size is still changing and isn’t final at this point. Forza 5 was 40gb and had 320ish cars, 17 environments. This game will have 9 more environments over 130 more cars and night and rain. I think this game will be pushing 70gigs at launch tbh and its going to be massive.

Oh good thats cleared that up, many thanks :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: