Question on updates

If I have a game thats playing and power suspended and a patch rolls out for forza, does it automatically install the patch or does it ask for a reboot of the game if it does? Heard there is a 2.2gb update today.

there is a 2.2 gig update for forza 6 today ?

i think the “update” is just all the content they couldn’t fit on the disc. they REALLY didn’t want to make discs i’m thinking.

i got the distinct feeling that they wanted everyone on digital downloads for this version. that’s why ALL the upgraded versions were digital download only. used games must be taking too much out of their pockets. one could theorize that they lost a lot of money on the egg they laid with FM5 because it became widely available as a used game. they are probably just making sure that they don’t lose money because of the used market in case this game bombs like FM5 did.

smart move on their part… sort of. it protects their investment. but it also alienates some consumers… like me. For me personally it just means they lost out on the “deluxe” money because i would have bought it if it were available on disc. i will not ever do a paid full game digital download on a console.

Where did you get the information that there is an update?

Link please

Pretty sure the 2.2 gb just for the physical edition(day 1 update) ultimate edition had 92 mb update on day 1.

I never got the update, I have the ultimate edition and don’t think I got it.

Just started installing physical edition and it needs a 2.2gb update.

If you have your Xbox set to download updates automatically you won’t notice anything. Because I do, I can’t comment on what was actually released for the Ultimate Edition but I remember hearing that disc owners got a 2.2gb update. I don’t know what it entailed.