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Need for Speed Most Wanted, Is the God of all racing games. They remaster that, Forza is going down. As it should. I bought $100 worth of trash, can’t get my money back and there’s CPU cars that blow through turns without braking and here I go crashing at the same speed they’re going. Either, fix the game properly or give people their money back, I don’t mind not being able to download trash for a few years. At this point my money is better on PlayStation than Xbox. Tekken 8, SF6 for PlayStation here we come. Team Forza overall grade and forget the metacritic scores F-. It’s now known as a cash grab. Don’t waste your money people cause you can’t get it back :100:. Forza: :-1:t5::-1:t5::-1:t5::-1:t5::-1:t5::triangular_flag_on_post:

Didn’t take long to lose all credibility there.



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Not even the first time he posted an unhinged rant about Forza in here

Does he mean the original NFS-MW from 2005 or the “remastered” version from 2012?


Trying to get people to help me help get these devs off their hind parts and get to fixing the issues that need fixing. Like racing against the CPU and they bull crap with a car you can’t. The Gauntlet race, if you race against the Hennessy Venom gt or the Pagani Huayra Bc and get to a certain point in the race they hit turns way faster than you. I get some of those turns not the ones that require more braking heck I have clips of the two cars doing so but if I try I’m crashing. Play it, and get one of those car as a CPU and you’re basically either gotta cheat or lose :100:. CPU be cheating too, I be getting rammed while braking, I’ll be turning and they brake in front of you and if you do a race w a X 999 car…… look at the starting grid, then look at them on map and you’ll be like “What in the world?¿” then they remove the Forza edition Amg one from horizon promo so there’s no future of having it. I’m wanting on Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 to be a remastered 2005 version so I can enjoy a real racing game



This isn’t a Horizon forum.