How does one post a clean time on the teotihuacan scramble?

I have completed the championship in first, the rival option is not in the menu when I go to the location and sign up. All I see is solo, coop, and pvp. Same for the other three tracks. I have tried to enter the championship again and I have definitely had clean laps on these circuits. How does one actually access the rivals part of these seasonal events so I can get the accolade points? Also, many speed traps appear to be broken AF. I will post times like 30 MPH over and it will say I’m under. All my friends told me to get this game but all I’m seeing is bugs all over the place.

SOLUTION: So you don’t have to read down, the solution is to go into the start menu to the online tab and go to rivals from there. You should be able to do it from in that menu. My experience is only this event was bugged. All other events I could just hit the Y button to switch to the normal version of it while at the location.

I’m not entirely sure on this…however, I have noticed completing events as part of a Seasonal Championship doesn’t count for some Accoldaes so not sure if you need to complete the race as a “normal” event maybe? When you first enter an event from Free Roam, you will see a “switch to normal event” option listed

Do you know how to do this after you have beaten the seasonal event?

Just realised the “Switch to normal event” option only appears at wherever the Seasonal Champ starts. For any other event, just run it. Can’t say for certain in your case but, in my case, I needed to run races again to get them to register as complete for Accolades, stats etc.

I will say, however, that I have run Rivals on several events without having even run the event previously so not sure why you don’t have the option to do it. Having re-read your first post, I’d be a little concerned with “the rival option is not in the menu” part…even if it hasn’t unlocked, Rivals should be listed but greyed out and a padlock on it. To have it completely missing is another issues entirely

Speed Traps: I have not had any issues with them at all, apart from a Seasonal one in the first week.

Might be worth checking the Known Issues list to see if it’s on it (found in the Support sub-menu top of any page) and submit a ticket if it’s not.

The speed trap thing was needing to switch cars. Apparently it autodetects a seasonal car vs regular? Still trying to figure out how to post rival time though. Fighting with several other issues as well so I’ll post back if I figure it out.

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Go to the event on the map, select switch to normal event, choose rivals, do a clean lap.

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This is all I get. I reset the championship so this is without the championship started, although it looks the same if I start it as well.

This is what I get:

Then if you press Y:

To try accessing it from the rivals menu, it’s on the Online tab, rivals is bottom left on that screen.

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Hmm, have you tried running a lap directly from the rivals menu? Does doing a clean lap that way satisfy the requirements?

There is another menu? Where is it… The only rivals thing I’ve seen is on that screen. Sorry I’m new to this game, and I do really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

EDIT: Watching motoGP race so I’ll have to try this later when you respond.

Thank you so much, I was able to do the event through the rivals section of the online menu! Not sure why my UI is bugged like that :slight_smile: You’re a legend sir.


You’re welcome, glad it worked!


Same issue for me - no option to “switch to normal event”, but was able to complete through the rivals menu…which I didn’t know existed!

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