How do you sell cars without auction?

I have way too many cars I don’t want and there’s no need for me to auction them all to then reclaim 50 of them cos they don’t sell. Is there a way to just sell half price like FM6?

It’s either auction, or deleting them from your garage for nothing in return.

Those are your only options. However, if you win a car in a wheelspin you already own, you’ll have the option to sell that car back for half the listed autoshow price (single player only).

For me, this only works with HE cars. Regular cars do not give that option. Which is why I have so many Audis, BMWs, and Nissans.

Well I did. Last night I gave up and just started deleting them. I think 7 NSXs of two different model years (plus one of each that I kept) was enough, and they never sold.

I found the only way to sell the duplicates is to spend mucho bucks to tune them up and put a livery on them. Either way its a money loser. At least deleting the stock cars is cheaper.

Were you playing online when you won those regular cars? If so, there’s your problem. Also, the option to sell won’t appear if you don’t already have them. For me, I get that option on ANY vehicle I already own, HE or not, but I always do single player.

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In most cases that’s true but two days ago, I won the Mercedes HE and the Lancia 1982 037 Stradale, I already have both and it didn’t give me the option to sell.

If you win those while online you don’t get the option to sell them, they just get added to your garage.

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Unless when you are in multiplayer, then even the duplicate cars just get added to your garage which is VERY annoying.

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This is ridiculous. The auction house is flooded with vehicles that nobody wants making it impossible to pawn off some of the lesser value vehicles.
And now my garage is full with vehicles that have a shown value while in the garage, that I won while racing or wheel spins and most of which I haven’t any use for.
But my only two choices is to have my garage cluttered up with crap that I’ll never race or just discard them.
You should at least be able to sell them in the garage for 50% of their declared value.


A strange oversight for sure. I sold a few cars but mostly the ones no one had at the time seemed like. Try selling cars everyone has and it’s impossible. Just deleting them is a silly option. I understand they want people to use the auction house but for every car is just not gonna happen unless you can permanently leave them until sold…

I don’t think this is an oversight as it was the same in Horizon 2, except with no auction house. Deleting was the only option, and I ended up deleting million credit cars. I don’t like this and don’t know why they went in this direction, but it seems to me like it was either a conscious decision to go in this direction, or a conscious decision to not change direction.

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I agree. Selling cars should be a mandatory option in games like this. The auction house is pretty cool sure because you can get some deals, but having it as the only option is ridiculous. If it’s to keep people from using it as a “money hack” then that wouldn’t make much sense to me. People do that in the real world, buy cars and sell them at a higher price. I wonder if they’ll look into it in a future update.

We seriously need lower buyout options. The wheelspin floods us with cars we don’t want and we can’t get rid of them.

I wouldn’t mind if we could sell them back to the game for only 25% of their value, just something, anything.

The AH (minimum) limits are a complete joke.

When you own the car in question, any future spins winning you that car lets you sell it for 50% on the spot. In the long run that’s better than a 25% resale.

Still, no reason not to add that 25% resale, if only to drive the price for the dirt-common cars up a little (yes, I’m talking about all those loyalty cars). Might want to restrict or add an extra “are you absolutely, positively sure you want to do this” prompt for cars that you can only normally obtain (i.e. not AH) once though.

I’m well past level 300 and bought several spins in addition to those, and not once have I won a duplicate car.

So the 50% wheeldspin option, pretty useless to me…

yes i agree the stupid wheelspin gives us a crap ton of cars more than moeny we need money more than cars i cant count how many times the wheelspin gave me the same car over and over and i dont want it i also dont want to put it up in an auctin or delete it damn u turn 10

If you get duplicate cars in wheelspins they give you the option of getting credits instead…but only if you are doing the spins in single player…so keep all your wheelspins for then if you can

They only give you that option on HE cars, not normal ones.

I have all the cars in the garage and it lets me sell anything I get on the wheelspins back…

Would have been great to “Gift” them to friends like Forza 4.
Or at least trade them in to the Autoshow for a car you really want.