Questions Regarding Selling in this Game

Hey. I got quite a collection of rare cars and I’d like to know how selling to players work and a few other questions. If you can answer them I’d greatly appreciate it.

  1. How are able reliably sell cars to select people without having other people interfere?

  2. What’s a common method used when you can’t get all the agreed credits in a single car?

  3. How much are rare cars typically worth?

  4. Is there a credible dollar to credit ratio?

there is really no way to sell to other players without other players interfering because its a public auction and there is no way to make sure the other person gets it. if the car doesn’t cover the cost of the car your selling then you put what are called money cars or cars that can either sell for the price you are selling for or cars that equal to the price usually 10mil cars you always put the money car before you put up the car your selling. any price usually in the 1million to 20million range but some cars like the pos go for more. there is no credible dollar to credit ratio just see what other people are selling them for if your selling the cars for money

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