Would you sell your rare cars?

I’ve a few cars like the Mugen Civic and the NSX-R GT, I don’t really use them but still want them in my collection…
Would you have sold them while their prices are high?

The game is flooded with in game credits that I don’t think it matters tbh. I have hundreds of millions like many others.


If I have a car that’s prices are high that can be sold, I look for them cheap in the auction house, and buy/sell.

As a collector myself, I would only sell duplicates. The only exception being if I see that the car is about to be available again, then I’ll see if I can sell it for high on the AH.

Also collector here. I only sell duplicates.
Besides WS and SWS are where money is.

Selling duplicates onlu.

I’ll sell any duplicate I don’t want, cars worth over 1mil I’ll have a look to see what a fair price is and everything else gets listed at min buyout. I’d just rather be rid if them.

I never would sell my rare cars. I am a collector. And now I don’t even sell my duplicates, I gift them all. I am only playing for a few weeks and have over 250 000 000 credits. 720 cars in the garage. I even have both 20 000 000 accolades already, as I did buy a 2016 Civic Coupe and sold it for the the same amount.

So getting money for selling cars don’t do anything interesting for me. Getting money in FH4 was way harder, even if you had your daily stories income (not to mention the 1 000 000 credits from the wheelspin).

The NSX-R GT could become the new Capri FE. Don’t sell that one!