How do you sell cars without auction?

i agree on that… its a pretty stupid thing that we cant sell the cars. we need the selling option so we at least can make some money on wrong buy or getting a car. yes i know that if you have a car in your garage and win the same car in wheelspins you have that option to sell the car, well that didnt work for me at all… so now i have two of the same car in my garage i cant sell, and the car cost or worth 2.1 mill i think… ending up with i cant sell the car or at auction house nobody wants to buy them even i have them for sale at 400k. these things like this reminds me of cs go skins. let us have the option to sell the car at least for half the price the car is worth.

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This is something that absolutely needs fixed. I understand them not giving you full value but even half would be better than just deleting the car. Unless you have a HE car no one is going to buy it at auction, and even then they don’t always sell.

i own 323 cars and still collecting. trying to get every car in the game not bothering chasing down preorder cars tho. i’ve been buying form the cheapest spectrum of cars and going twards the more expensive ones. so i get alot of duplicates when i get my wheelspins.

At least you have the ability to favorite cars now, so at least that settles the ‘garage clutter’ part of it.

The ability to sell the dupes through wheelspins is actually a great way to make money, for those of you looking to profit. Just boost your XP - all you need to do is win the same horizon edition twice and badaboom, sweet cash.

Auction house is unfortunately the only way to sell directly, the only way you can get rid of common cars is to build/paint them and then sell because otherwise people will not buy them.

I usually just put the cars I don’t want in the auction and if nobody buys them I just don’t claim them! Until I really want one of those cars…

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A quick re-list would help rather than having to claim them back and then re-list them…

Unless your way up the tuning/painting ladder I am not sure you can get back money spent upgrading cars before selling them…?

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part exchange or cash for scrap could be an alternative :slight_smile:


You know, if they put a car crusher animation in there to get rid of cars, there are some I’d buy just to do that to (lol).


I’d settle for an option to automatically relist unsold cars in the Auction House instead of having to crawl through a billion menu animations every. Single. Time.


Press Y for auction options, there you can do bids,reclaims and so on more quickly without the animations.


I have 60+ Horizon Edition cars that I don’t want. 1 month ago, I sold like 1, 2 or 3 a day, when I was lucky enough. So I just stopped selling them and now, they’re still in my garage. I really want to sell them. I bought all them at the auction house for 200,000CR (or so) each so that’s a lot of money.

Wait until after Christmas. Probably about 3-4 days. There will be a LOT of renewed interest in the HE and other rare cars, but you’ll have to give people a chance to earn the creds or buy the tokens I guess. (never messed with tokens myself).

You’ll also have a whole slew of new people wanting to collect one of each car. So maybe some will sell now. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and they’ll change the wheelspins up in January to fix the “HEY YOU WON YET ANOTHER ACURA NSX!” issue. Since the “Sell” it option only works when it feels like it.

As long as they aren’t too upset that they cant play the BM until they are well into the main map…

Unless you can buy and use a quizillion token for early access to it

I have a strong feeling why most cars cannot be sold traditionally is to prevent previous exploits in Forza games where people would duplicate or sell cars over and over again. This was a thing on the 360 era games and you can watch them in action on Youtube. I believe most of them required any patch data to be deleted, so the exploit could never truly be patched out. Gran Turismo 5 and 6 had similar issues, and with the former game, 5, the problem was only partially solved by only allowing vehicles worth under 100,000 credits to be sold.

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