How do you combat wheel spin in rwd?

does anyone have any help to stop rwd cars from wheel spinning on many cars i have that are rwd they just constantly have wheel spin my supra is a good example i cant control it i have upgraded tire compound and width its really annoying because i don’t want an awd supra.

Throttle control, and while im not one for usually changing the default settings, I tried out changing my controllervadvanced settings so there was only a 5 dead spot either way on them all when I got into driving the higher piwered cars, didnt get a lot of time to try it out before I had to leave but what I did try seemed a bit easier.


Differential and throttle control…unfortunatly turn10 is in love w their rainy weather system…build your car w alot of handling instead of power and hope to get enough ahead in the corners to hold them off thru the straights and even tho some cars are more prone to wheel spin than others once your in the higher classes there really isnt anything that will keep your wheels from spinning out some what…just try and be smooth as possible while taking the straightest line you can find

Hey do u kno how 2 tune a real 86 Toyota corolla I want it for drag but I’ve tried out my self tunning it but it don’t work if u can txt me thru Xbox 1 RacerBoy4Life17 aND on kik Boricua535 thank u

What i usually do to conbat rwd wheelspin is put in the race transmission then adjust the gear ratios more towards speed that accelleration. To do this quickly just adjust the final drive and move it more towards speed but if you want to get a good setup fiddle with the individual gears but look at the pattern on the graph at the bottom right of the screen whilst tuning. The pattern on there is what you need your final product to look like otherwise you’ll have either very long or short gears whilst moving up or down through them. Hope this helps!

Try making it awd, that’s what I did and it still handles amazing

Wow, other than wsd i dont think anyone really gave proper advice.

Disclaimer: If a car is built wrong and has too much power you are going to get wheelspin no matter what you do to the tuning settings and it will require finesse driving. To add/combat what sharon said until you can handle more powerful cars you are better off adding more handling parts, however for the majority of tracks/car builds the best builds have as much accelleration as you can get and manage to not spin the wheels with as little grip as the driver can handle.

Without going into to much detail on all aspect of tuning and to keep it pretty simple. You want to soften whatever end of the car you want to have more grip. This can be done in the springs, dampers, and arbs section. Each of the three does slightly different things, but just to get an idea of what each does try the car at minimum and try it at maximum only changing one at a time, and only one end of the car at a time. Example, try minimum rear springs keeping front default then try maximum rear springs keeping front default, then try the same with the front)

Another thing to add to the above tuning tips, aero in forza has effect at all speeds not just high speeds unlike real life. Unless you are going for an all at speed build, most cars should have forza front and rear aero if available. Also in many cases until you are fine tuning or have developed the driver skill to drive with lower, settings of maximum downforce will be beneficial, especially at the end you would like more grip (in your case either rear or both front and rear)

You can do what TJxConners said and lengthen your gears, but this is ultimately just going to make your car slower because you are going to have less accelleration out of corners, this is more of a bandaid than a fix unless you are in the super powerful cars (missile cars a class and up, and some of the lmp, indy, and f1 cars)

Differential can really help to fine tune but it is not going to be a quick fix but it will help. Adjust accell to the left (lower numbers) for less wheel spin and to the right for more wheelspin.

you make them awd and tune the diff