How do people make money in rivals?

I’ve been hearing of people racking up loads of cr doing rivals. I’ve heard people get 1-2mil a day, and even level up 3-4 times in a single race.
But when I do rivals, I tend to only get about 10-15k for a single race doing about 10-12 laps.
What am I doing wrong? I’ve never really played rivals before so Im not sure how it works, if anybody told me how you earn more credits that would be great

People select a rival they know they can beat thats usually top 2000, and then barely beat the rival purposely, rinse repeat until you can no longer beat the rival… switch event and do the same thing.

Simply climb as far up the leaderboard as possible. Of course, the better you are, the more credits you will earn.

^this just keep at it till you beat a few rivals. it soon adds up

^ This. Why do you people quote someone and then post the same exact thing? Post count race, maybe?

That is the important bit people neglect when going on about how awesome Rivals is for money. It’s only awesome for top players. When last I checked, there were over 600,000 ranked players in FM5, probably more now, but you can’t get 600,000 players all into the top 2,000. 99.9% would fall short. Most players can’t make big money in Rivals.

Also, it seems to me, although I cannot be certain, that the higher race class you are on in rivals, the more rewarding it is. It is that, or that I seem to do a lot better on P and X class than any other and get better times, usually in the top 300. Then again I can get top 200 times on D class, and it stills seems i get more experience on P and X class. If you are looking to make more CR, I highly suggest you upgrade to VIP, if you have not already, then you get 70,000 CR everytime you level up instead of 35,000.

Firstly, what assists are you using? what difficulty are you using?

Turning assists off will reward you with more fredits. As does raising the difficulty level.

Something I like to do is setup a freemode race with the following settings:

Circuit: Spa
Laps: 12
Class: S
Difficulty: Unbeatable (Or whatever skill you are comfortable with)
AI: 12
Rolloff: 1 second
Grid ordering: PI
Reverse Grid: On
Assists: Off

What this does is lets the AI have a good start on you and gives you a nice 30 minute race. Get in first and you will level up around 3 times and if you are VIP you will pull in over 100,00 fredits. Also teaches you to overtake and move through traffic. Use these settings too with a friend in a multiplayer lobby and race each other.

@Dandolorion - How are you adjusting the Rolloff, Grid order and Reverse grid in Free Play mode?

I use Free Play alot and I would like to know where these settings are. I have used a private multi player lobby but you don’t get any drivatar bonus like free play. I will look at the Free Play menu tonight and try to change these setting.

@ Prespuculation - In rivals mode, you don’t make very many credits and bonus racing against ghosts that have dirty times. Try to pick a friend or player that has a clean lap time.

You should also be building up affinity with a car manufacturer in rivals. Doing 10 -12 lap should up that affinity with manufacturer of the car you are driving and as that goes up you get a better bonus from the manufacturer for every race. It’s also a good way to go for the affinity badges or achievements.

free run not rivals. do 30+ laps old lemans, ill make a pile of credits and gain huge xp.

Just about every hotlap session I gain 2-3 levels and 60-100k pretty easily in 15-30 laps. I run no assists and that credit perk usually gets reduced close to zero because I rewind a lot to either restart a lap, prevent my next lap from being dirty due to driving off-course slightly in the final sector, learn a corner, and to redo the final corner so that my next clean lap starts with me going as fast as possible.

I think you also get a bonus based on leaderboard position and if you beat your rival. Top times seem to pay a lot.

Reinforce the idea to show that the person above is not clueless and actually knows what they are talking about?

Strange, no one seems to be really answering the OP’s question…

Here, I’ll give it a stab;

  • Find, select and tune your favorite class ___ (fill in the blank) car.
  • Go into Rivals and scroll to the right until you find the class of car you are going to use
  • Select a track you want to race on
  • Turn down assists to bare minimum except turn damage to Cosmetic (so you can continue racing at optimal level regardless of accidents)
  • If your next Rival has a dirty time, just slowly cruise around the track and if you’re still clean by the time you get around the first time, just drive off the track for a second prior to crossing the finish line
  • Continue slowly speeding up each lap, for as long as you can take it, do dirty laps at first so that you maximize the rivals that you best
  • Eventually, you will be racing at your utmost, continue running hot laps until you get a time you like and then stop
  • Rinse and repeat for another track

I typically will “test” my tunes by running in Rivals mode for the class of car I have and take notes every once in awhile. It doesn’t even matter if I beat my next rival, just doing miles of laps gains you exp and credits. The real money comes from leveling, and the affinity rising for your car manufacturer. I would suggest that you attempt to set a good time for every class on every track. I will do probably 10-12 laps per track to get a decent time and avoid boredom. Since I have VIP, I get 70k per level and probably about 15k-20k per 10-12 laps depending upon my car’s affinity. If you participate in the monthly and VIP Rival races, you will rack up levels and credits quickly as well, but you will also probably spend a lot on different cars and upgrades.

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Sense the rivals don’t work in time what are other ways to make east money or can I still use time attack without them?

Yeah, Time Attack works fine without Rival ghosts to chase. You can still run laps and the leaderboards still work, so if you have a personal best clean lap you will still move up the leaderboards. Also the after race payout still gets you creds and Experience as well as more Affinity for your car manufacturer. The Drivatar bonus on the payout is missing while the Rivals are gone but you get the rest of goodies. I still practice and gain plenty of creds on Time Attack, even without ghosts I’m finding it great fun and valuable practice to try to get better lap times and climb the leaderboards.

You have completed the challenge then beat the car in front of you and you get credits just make the just MAKE it hard then you get more credits from the hard level via horizon 4 Joseph Boxley