How do people get cars before they are unlockable?

Just was driving around in free roam and once again saw some people driving around in the new M4. Also there are already tons of liveries for it. So I’m curious how do they do it?

how they do its unimportant, what is important is its only temporary till they are caught and banned :wink:


Just curious, why do they need to be banned? Something with Xbox’s terms? It doesn’t really hurt anyone. The leaderboard cheaters, on the other hand…

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A glitch is a glitch and its breaking the rules, too look at it as just ‘x’ is shortsighted and theyve already said they are working on the LB cheats too :wink:


Thanks for the reply. Happy to hear that they are working on the LB cheats.

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Youre welcome, they mentioned the LB work in the last (maybe second last?) monthly twitch show.

RE getting the cars early and does it really hurt anyone ? … They get the cars first which means they get the ability to get paints and tunes up before the people following the rules get a chance and gain an advantage over them. That theyre ‘new’ cars that havent been seen can give them an advantage in photo comps… that they show them off in lobbies or online encourages other users to go looking for glitches and cheats leading them to cheats and glitches that are even more game breaking… theres lots of reasons why cheating is bad, even when it doesnt directly affect you or doesnt seem like a very ‘bad’ cheat.


Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully as they are looking into these, they will also look into what you are referring to with regard to those cheating to dominate the livery & tune recommended pages. They aren’t shy about it & it’s more than obvious who the “usual suspects” are that always immediately have 5-7 downloads/likes as soon as the page refreshes for that particular car, which just always happens to be those required for the weekly playlist or weekly reward cars.
Again, as you said I’m so many words, that pretty much kicks those who are following the rules to the curb.


Too many people does it,you will remove a big portion of the players base,considering most of the lobbies are almost empty…

May or may not be the reason I’m curious.

Could be friends or followers that help them. Would give them the benefit of the doubt.

That’s also a valid point.

Isn’t it possible to just drop liveries and tunes on the server side if the car hasn’t released. I mean car auctions are blocked for a while around the release (even a bit after they release. Or at least that was the case with the car pass cars), so why not do the same with tunes and liveries?,…

Could be & as you’re aware, this isn’t uncommon between friends when sharing new tunes/liveries to help support each other’s work, but IMO I think it goes well beyond that.

(Or I could just be a conspiracy theorist & this could all be caused by server glitches :smile:)

That’s why you should always read EULA and ToS.


Well… not exactly.

Anyone can, legitimately, paint cars before they’re available (once they’re in the queue), or available but not owned. Just go into your garage in any car, open up Designs and Paints, then Choose Car and select All Cars. Find the car nobody can own, drive, or tune (you’re right there, I think ?) and start getting creative :smiley: Save and share your work. All perfectly within the function of the game and available to everyone !

EDIT : Hmm, that’s… interesting. I swear it used to work, and I was curious for a peek at the M4, but… it’s not there. Maybe they changed things up ? Maybe the M4 isn’t in the queue yet ? Still works for cars not owned anyway :slight_smile:


I know this has always been advertised as such, but this has also never worked for me either.


I’ve only ever seen it work for cars currently available in the autoshow going back to fh4. I noticed a couple of shared pics that look like they were taken from the rivals event that seem legit.

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The AI apparently is already able to use it. So you might encounter it in races.

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What do you mean by LB cheats? It boggles my mind that there are absolutely 0 anti-cheat mechanisms in the game. Even FH4 had some basic auto ban mechanisms in place.

I’ve also seen a fair share of Level 2999 10 star players in game too.

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It’s hard to tell whether those are afk exploiters or not, now that the games been out for the better part of a year. Some players have legitimately hit that cap.

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I’ve seen those from quite a few months ago and though I’m not up to date about it but it was (is?) possible to play the game online without buying the game (if you catch my drift) - it wouldn’t be a leap to say that it is possible that those people have methods of manipulating their profiles either.

Not hard at all. Just look up the person’s profile on the Xbox app. If they only have a small amount of playing time in FH5, then they didn’t get the prestige legitimately.

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