Player already owns the BMW M2 23'

How is this possible ?
[Staff Edit - we don’t allow screenshots of gamertags due to risk of naming and shaming - TTMM]

It’s not going to be accurate as to what cars a particular player owns.

Not aware of a legit way until it comes up in the playlist. It’s clear they own it to be able to drive it in freeroam.

should be banned

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It’s possible. They’ve just used cheat engine to get that car.

Since the game is full off cheaters in every part of the game im not one bit suprised.

It’s a bigger chance that you get banned if you buy the car from ah from a cheater than it is if use a cheat to get it. I used to report cheaters all the time before but since i see the same people in online races even weeks after i realised its no point even reporting them. Devs really dont care about cheaters.

This is why perma bans on xbox accounts are needed, not just one game, treat them as if they will cheat/hack in all… might wake them up

Just look at the leaderboards if you need proof of that…

They can detect that!/? Atleast in FH4 they banned ppl for that

  • Obtaining cars before their release date is a minimum 30-day suspension.
  • Obtaining Owen’s McLaren in Forza Horizon 4 is a permanent suspension.