Falsely banned why

3 days ago I bought forza 4 and herd about the auction house now I’m not a big forza fan intl I bought this game so on my 3 day of owning forza 4 I saw a a 240sx on the auction house with bumpers but afterwards when it was in my garage there was no bumpers and no hood it scared me because it went on both 240sx I had so I tired to sell them both it wouldn’t let me sell the car under 5,000,000 I don’t like mods I don’t mod any games my self because it is cheating so now I’m banned from playing with my friends please turn 10 unban me this is not right

Okay, see if your explanation will hold water with Turn 10, and start with your “three days” when some of your Achievements as recorded on Xbox show you’ve had the game a week at this point.

Here’s the problem: On June 14 (more than three days ago), you were caught selling on the FM4 Auction House a Nissan 240SX SE with the front bumper and hood removed via illegal hacking.

If you bought that car off the Auction House as you claim and everyone knows, it would have been LOCKED and you would not have been able to sell it at all without removing the Tune and Livery with which it arrived on such a purchase.

You can send an email to Turn 10 at forzafb@microsoft.com with all the details, and make sure the facts are straight. There is no discussion regarding bans nor the enforcement of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct on these forums.