Ive contacted microsoft and they said to post what has happened to me. and tell the truth. i got banned on Forza for a reason i’m not sue of. the only reason me and my friend have came up with is i put a car up for auction with his design he gifted to me. but i asked my friend if i could and he said it was fine in fact we cane up with the idea. his gamer tag is KSIxApollo. i put the car up for auction and the next day i go back online im banned for 20 years and he is banned for 48 hours. i’m hoping to get un-banned if this problem is solved.

this was something i just found. a perosn was banned on fprza a few days ago for putting a honda s2000 up for auction. but his had mods on it. so this was something microsoft told me to make clear of. that this is not the same person that made a second account pr anything. idk if that helps my case or not. thank you for the support in any case

As did your attempted sale on the Auction House. Clear violation of not only the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, the copyright protection circumvention (read the back of the game box) via reverse engineering.

Code of Conduct, including but not limited to:

"F. Cheating & Tampering

Do not cheat in a game unless the developer has deliberately enabled cheats.
Do not use unauthorized hardware or modifications.
Do not exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches.
Do not make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents, including but not limited to tenure, Avatar, saved games, Gamerscore, or achievements.
Do not intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods.
Do not play any illegitimately obtained software or pirated games.
Do not take any action to cause degradation of service for Microsoft or other users, including but not limited to network interference or manipulation.
Do not play a game before it has been authorized for play on the service.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations by the developers are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to them at Have patience on receiving a response, you’ll receive an acknowledgement email which indicates they’ve received your message. Beyond that, good luck!