account banned

Following on from previous posts i emailed the address given with no reply! A few days ago my son showed me what is happening in the game. If he buys a Wiesmann GT MF5 the car he receives looks like a black VW Passat with the wheels sticking out of the body shell … when you then go to the garage to buy wheels, aero parts etc if you go to the aero mods and fit the front and rear bumpers/splitters or whatever you cal them the bumpers just disappear from the car!! Can someone sort this out please as it isnt a illegal hack on our end!

Now, let’s have a little truth here: It is IMPOSSIBLE to attempt to sell a vehicle on the AH without it being UNLOCKED in the garage. A LOCKED vehicle cannot be sold, period. How it was obtained - hacking the game, a trade, buying or just a gift from someone - is not relevant, only that the attempted sale originated with the gamertag ThrowawayOrc.

The only determination is that it was illegally altered in contravention of not only the Xbox Live Code of Conduct but the warning on the game box itself, “Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering . . . circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited.”

If Turn 10 has been emailed, you need to wait for the response from the party who enforces the regulations and issues the rightful bans.

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