How do I know which championship is currently active?

I race exhibition races on one of the tons of other racing icons. So I will see another icon same as before to continue it tells me " your actively in another current championship do you want to quit and lose other championship progress" something like that. I mean I got thru some championships fine… but I have raced exhibition races on about 20 to 25 icons on map so how do know which other 2 races races to get thru current active championship. Has to be something I am simply missing. Thanks for any advice.


The only championship events are those in the seasonal events, they should appear as white icons on the map.

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I’ve asked the same question in other forum, there is no way to know the ones that you have left so far so I’m taking pictures with my phone of the flyer with the 3 races and then I go to them as I finish them, I think the icon is white when you never raced them.

But, what is the point on doing them, win or lose? just more credits and a wheelspin or are you working towards a better seasonal prize?

What you mean is the visibility of championships you have completed. The icon will show a gold bar if you have done it already (you have to hover above it). The trial (coop event) however does not show you when you have completed it, nor does it give you the rewards it is supposed to give.

Getting new underwear for my avatar isn’t really compelling reason to race for;))


the real problem is starting a seasonal championship and during the first race having a friend join your session which starts a horizon convey which also cancels your current championship. how can you stop friends from automatically starting a horizon convey without being rude and telling them to stop???

Do it offline?

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understand and agree! but should i have to step down to that level?

I started an Autumn championship and have no clue what the other races are.

Are you guys saying that they are the white icons and they’re only white once you start the championship?

yes, they’re white. use the map filters to help you.