How can I see the current championship I'm in on the map?

There was a filter in FH3 that allowed you to see the Current Championship. It’s not in the filters for FH4. how do I see my current championship? I tried going to ones that are outlined in a gold border, but then that is a different championship and it asks if I want to quit my current one. Thanks for your input.


I agree there should be a filter for “current championship” races. These races can be located by their white background instead of the usual colors. Hope this helps!

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I very much miss this filter, too, especially with so many things on the map right now.

I have added the request to the Features Wishlist that this feature be returned.

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I thought it was just me that was missing how to do it, however, I want this feature back. There are WAY to many icons and flipping all the dam switches for the icons off/on on the map is painful.

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Simply use the all feature to turn everything off. Then turn on Seasonal events and you will see your current championship in white with the only clutter being other season events.

They probably didn’t bother with championship filter due to there only being seasonal ones now.


Have you guys tried using Anna to direct you to your next championship race? I can’t verify right now, but I could have sworn she could do this in FH3.

OK I just checked. If you activate Anna, select I Want to Race, she will direct you to the next race in whichever championship you are taking part in.

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Again, this is why a physical manual should be included with the game when you purchase it at GameStop or wherever. Too many people have wasted too many hours of our lives trying to figure stuff like this out when it should have been explained in the first place. At the very least, there should be dialogue in the game telling you exactly what to do. Frustrating, infuriating, definitely not fun.

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I’m going to try map, right bumper, uncheck all, then check only the type of race. Look for red if you want current season. If you guess wrong, pick another type (I just had to uncheck road race and check street scene, and found the last race in the series).

If you still get the error after selecting only the correct type of race, try another track. I just got the error on a red shield with only exhibition race, but found the correct season street scene series race as red cars, white background, gold border.

Correct me if i’m wrong but the only Championships with multiple races are the Seasonal are they not?

The filter for finding the current Seasonal Championship you are in is actually very simple to do and i’m somewhat amazed some find it difficult to use.

As others have stated above: Open Map, right bumper to filter, uncheck “All”, check Season Events, exit to map, look for white icons which are obvious as your current championship races, go to icon and continue.

Not very hard and does not involve turning on and off multiple checks and seriously, it does not need a tutorial to do.

Hopefully in the years since this post was put up,everyone knows how to use filters.

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