How to get complete gold icons on map?

Only street race icon can got complete gold.
Other race icon got golden outline only.
on FH3, I can got complete gold icons by championship and single race.
but FH4 has no championship on each icons. only seasonal event has championship racing.

am I missed somthing?

In the previous games complete gold was when you had done both a single race exhibition and a championship from that location. I don’t know if the same applies here.

It’s probably like FH3 as SatNiteEduardo mentioned. I haven’t unlocked championships for the festival routes yet, but I assume they unlock once you’ve got gold on all the exhibition races.

The street race would be fully gold because in other Horizon games there isn’t any championships for street races, only single race events, so assuming the same applies for FH4 I’d say that’s why.

This is the first clue that maybe championships are coming to the game. I sincerely hope so, because right now championships are not a thing.


not sure if you knew but just an fyi the seasonal events have championships…but yeah it would be cool if more were added later to the core races like FH3

The seasonal championships are ridiculously short.

An option for a custom championship would suffice.


it’s not the difference with just completing the race and actually winning the race is it

I did some road sprints today for Forzathon that I had to win, the ones I did all have gold around the race marker, but the marker itself is still coloured blue.

I think they might be related to seasons. Street races in summer. Dirt racing in autumn. But have not tested my theory yet :slight_smile:

Press “Y” to swop to the non seasonal event.

Stop over thinking it guys, it’s just a design choice. They not different levels of “complete”

The story icons turn gold when you get 30/30 stars so it seems to indicate full completion in that example.

Personally I suspect there may be championships available for them at some point