How do I know which race is the next in any given Championship? Forza Horizon 5

I grew tired of driving to a location only to get the “Are you sure you want to abandon the current championship?” prompt. There are about 200000 icons on the map, is it too much to ask that any currently played championship is highlighted in a way that someone knows what they’re actually playing?

If you have any hint I’ve missed because of being too dumb for this world, I’ll gladly take it and be extremely grateful for it. Any smartass with a non productive reply will join my long list of ignored users.

Thanks in advance.

The three races in the current championship have a white background. The message you are getting means you are trying to do a race you have already completed.

On the map set the filter to seasonal reverts to only see current events

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There is no order and it shows white icons with red forground on map. Or use “new” filter. After starting some championship it also switches to map and plays “iconplace” animation

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Open map, click filters, deselect all, with clicking on top option, then click on seasonal events.
Available championships will be red, championship you’re currently in, will have white icons for remaining races.

Using filters makes life much easier for most of seasonal stuff, hope this helped and good luck .

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Thanks a bunch, all of you. I’ll try it. Wish me luck.