How DLC works and should I buy them?

Hi I have couple of questions about the DLC, and I broken down my question for each one separately.

  1. Bond Car Pack - I saw these cars in the game. So with purchase this DLC I just get them for free in the game. And otherwise I need to purchase the with game money? So I actually have them…
  2. Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass - Are this cars will be available in the game without purchasing the DLC?
  3. Forza Horizon 4 VIP - What is “VIPs receive 3 Exclusive Forza Edition cars”, this just designs or completely different cars that not it the game? What is “VIP Crown Flair”?
  4. Forza Horizon 4 Expansion 1&2, these will be release in December and first half of 2019, so no rush buying them… right?
  5. Currently I playing Forza via Xbox Game Pass. There is any chance it will become unavailable there and I will have to buy it?
  6. What happens when I buy these DLC with Xbox Game Pass discount and after some time I will cancel the Game Pass subscription, will I need to pay extra?


1…if you buy dlc with real money it’s free ingame without using credits

2…the cars in the car pass is dlc
The only way to get dlc cars is to buy the dlc

3… 3 forza edition cars…there are just regular versions in game…but without the extra bonus
Vip crown flair is you get a crown next to your name

4… thats up to you

5…if Fh4 gets removed from game pass…you never know if it will or not…you would need to buy it to play it…same as if you cancel game pass…you can no longer play it

6…if you buy dlc it is permanently yours whether you cancel game pass or not…no extra charge

  1. Yes once you buy the DLC you get the cars free, you will need to “buy” them in game to collect them for free.

  2. No you need the DLC

  3. The cars you get with the VIP are Forza edition cars which have nice bonuses such as more credits when you finish a race or more influence, also the VIP crown is a cosmetic crown next to your name which you might have seen in-game already.

  4. Depends if you buy the ultimate edition upgrade you will get every single bit of DLC and it works out to be cheaper than buying everything separate, you can buy it while you using game pass too so not need to worry about that.

  5. They have said they wont be removing their first party games (forza/halo/gears) but other games will be removed at some point but in a couple of years they may remove it due to licencing issues but I would assume if you have it download already it should be ok but even then the game would probably be in the bargin bin anyway.

  6. No, you have already bought it so it wont matter.

Hope this clears some things up for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the detailed response! Just small thing that I am not completely understating regarding the second question (Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass). I have seen that one of the cars is current release is 2018 Nissan SentraNismo. Without the DLC I can see the car in the game and it costs X money (I don`t remember exactly how much). So if I purchase the Car Pass I just get it for free in the game? And otherwise without purchasing I need to “buy” it with game money. Or it entirely different car that is not visible completely in the game?

No, if it is a dlc car, it cannot be obtained without buying that dlc.

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