Upcoming car packs

Just wondering if they are going to do monthly car packs like all other forza horizon games

No, they are coming weekly now instead. Two cars a week.

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Furthermore, go to car pass it will tell you which cars are coming and on which day…

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Has anyone informations about a upcoming dlc car pack?

In fh3 i was able to buy some car packs. And in fh4 there is nothing for the moment.

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There’s been a couple of car packs already. They’ve been releasing the cars from them two per week for car pass holders. I believe there’s a spot in the festival/house menus specifically for the car packs. Right by the Autoshow IIRC.

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DLC car release schedule works differently this time around. Apart from the FD and Bond packs the DLC car pass releases 2 new cars each week rather then in monthly packs.

Yes i know i have preordered the ultimate Edition this summer. But i mean dlc car packs in the future

Well then your answer is no.
How many more times do people have to repeat it for you?


I think People are concerned about what Happens when the Car Pass Runs out.

I think People just want to know, and I certainly do, if the game will revert to normal DLC Packs after the Car pass Runs out, or if We will have to Buy something like “Car Pass: Season 2” instead a-la Ubisoft Titles.


Exactly this is what i mean

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This time we dont have car packs - just cars included in Car pass 42 cars) - 2 cars per week. Sooo you can buy car pack or buy single car, but the price is horrible - around 10% of final car pass price. At this moment we know 3 months of cars - nothing „WoW” for me.

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I wonder if they will start doing Car packs again since the Car pass just finished?

They are. It was mentioned in one of the latest streams on Mixer (these are rewatchable, if you want to check it out yourself) the PG people made.

If you want more information - Check this post

In terms of the future of cars, the next stream(s) are on the 8th March.

Did they specifically mention Car Packs or just “Paid DLC”? Just wondering as I do not know about Car Packs in FH4, just that they plan on releasing some paid DLC cars

I think they didn’t specify that. It was something like more cars are coming after the car pass runs out.

If past Horizons are anything to go by I’d say so, but as said above who knows if they’re going to release 2 per week it not.
Besides there’s the second expansion coming at least si there’s probably more cars coming with that, I’m hoping more cars and races will be added soon

I remember reading somewhere on here recently that they’re going to continue to release cars for awhile. Through seasonal events or car packs or TA, I can not remember however.

I’m sure we will continue to get more cars from here on out. But I don’t imagine it will be in traditional DLC ‘car packs’. The reason they went away from car packs with this game was to be able to add content in concert with the seasonal structure of the game. Wouldn’t make sense or would be awkward to move away from that design model while continuing the changing seasons.

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