How Are Mere Mortals Supposed To Complete The Horizon Open Accolades?

The whole reason I detest online gaming is I’ve never been any good at it and never had any chance at competing with the much better players.

I know this and I am OK with it, so avoid online PG games at all costs, The Eliminator being the exception.

So why, oh why would the devs attach accolades such as:

  • Earn a Clean Start Skill AND win the race
  • Win a Horizon Open event
  • Win 25 Horizon Open Events
  • Win a Horizon Open Drifting Event
  • Score 5 Flags in a single round of Flag Rush or Flag Team Rush
  • Steal a crown 5 times in a single round of King or Team King

These are unachievable for the mere mortals among us, who cannot seem to avoid contact other players while trying to evade them or who is unable to contact other players unless they are a sitting duck (and even then I sometimes miss them).

I have always been bad at online games and that will never change for some of us older players, so why attach virtually impossible to complete (for some of us) accolades?

I got the wins in open mainly from team based matches. Also you need to win one race not the entire championship. And I will guess they put it to challenge ourselves?

But some says it’s because of Game Pass Ultimate. Just to attract casuals. To turn away those few fans that still believe in Playground God.

I just want to say there are many online games out there where you can have a blast without caring if you win or lose. So don’t give up on ALL online games. I guarantee there’s plenty out there you will love if you keep looking.


If you do not like online modes, why care about accolades tied to them? It’s not like accolades provide any meaningful. Some phrases but everything of substance (cars) is not exclusive to accolades.
I think PG simply wanted to cover every aspect of the game with the accolades. To provide motivation to play each part for the players that care.
It’s a common thing with game achievements. Here, we don’t even have ultra elite ones that only a very minor number of players can achieve.
For example I don’t care about painting or drifting so I won’t get the related accolades. No problem.



OP’s feedback to the game has an air of narcissism about it (most likely unintended).

There are different kinds of people, with different types of interest, and in this Forza Horizon there are different kind of things to work towards.
I’m missing why that’s a problem?

I don’t get angry that I can’t win the Miss Universe competition because I’m (not good at being) a woman. Nor do I care that I won’t win any marathon medals, because I don’t enjoy running.

But to go a bit more on-topic:
I assume I’m a “mere mortal”, since I have no godlike powers, and I am able to progress towards completing those accolades…

I just keep on trying, that’s all there’s to it.


You could say the same thing for most of the tuning and painting accolades…next to impossible if you are not a YouTuber or heavily followed player. However, having every single accolade be easily achievable for everybody makes them pointless…I will never win 7 Eliminators as I am next to useless at that but I have no problem with Eliminator Accolades being there

This game has to cater for everyone, from beginners to the fastest drivers in the game…just because we can’t complete them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there


Why should those who enjoy online have no accolades attached to their favorite game mode?

I am probably good enough to get those accolades but can’t be bothered.

Completionists either need to understand what comes with that or move on from it.


You dont have to get every accolade. I think this is one thing they done really well, they kept most of the online stuff to accolades. It would be worse if they were tied to unlocking achievements.

I’ve done all of those accolades and I’m a very average driver (60 years old). I get my butt kicked in open racing but in drifting I’m pretty good so the win 25 open events mainly came from drifting events. Probably a couple of open racing events where there was only a handful of racers in the first race and I was in the Bone Shaker.

To get the 5 flags in flag rush is best done in open teams events and at the abandoned airport in S1 class. There’s almost no obstacles and the cars are so fast they are almost impossible to deny the flag. Other places there are too many obstacles and you’ll run out of time.

For the steal a crown one that took a bit of work. You essentially have to steal it. Stop dead in your tracks, let them regain it then go charging after them to reclaim it. Repeat.

I’ve essentially run out of accolades to do. Only the tuning and livery ones left and there’s no chance I’ll progress much further as I don’t have a Youtube channel and a following. I’ve done the first tier ones i.e. get 5 likes for a tune. But the next levels need loads of likes.

As others have said, you don’t have to do every accolade. I do not have the time or motivation to become good at tuning nor do I have an online presence worth mentioning. So I’m not worried about getting those accolades.

There are other groups that I can do but know it will take some grinding (e.g., getting the trailblazer stars in arcades as that requires doing about 30 Chaos arcades).

There are some that I thought I would never get but were actually easier than I thought. I never did Eliminator in FH4 because Internet here was too expensive and slow. But that’s changed recently. Once I learned some basic strategy I’ve managed to get all of the accolades except win without car drops which will take a bit of grinding.

There are some that might happen eventually just in the natural course of doing the seasonal challenges such as flags or kings.

The main thing is that if you think that accolade points and place on the HoF leader board are important, focus on the categories that you have fun doing. No one says you have to actually complete the Horizon Open Accolades. It’s not like anyone will notice your placement on the HoF except you and your friends (unless you have the time and skills to get on the first page) and no one except you can see what accolades you’ve actually done (with the exception of accolades that are directly linked to achievements on the gamerscore).

Took me a week of frustration to get that one and finally managed it with the level 4 “BMW X5M” and a huge helping of luck.

Actually it doesn’t.
You can fast travel to a trailblazer in ANY type arcade event and repeat it continuously in round 1,2 and 3.
If you are in an arcade on your own, you can speed 10 minutes in round 1, just repeating trailblazers and fast travelling back to it.
In 10 mins you can do 10 plus trailblazers if you choose a short one and get 30 stars in one arcade event easily.

Now like my picture please 934 909 665.

Plus, you can do that for drift zones, speed zones, speed traps and jumps.

Other accolades that can be weaseled through are those Unbeatable drivatar ones. Just switch difficulty to Unbeatable from the settings and start doing championships from the Forzathon playlist (you can do them over and over until you get one type of races done).

As for Horizon Open accolades, you shouldn’t be scared of those Ripperoo UK. You will get those done eventually. Clean starts will come naturally, because everybody is ghosted in the beginning of the race. Not every race has top drivers and full lobby. Sometimes it’s just 4-5 people, some of them might miss a checkpoint or crash or they chose a wrong car and you can get the win quite easily. Same for playground games accolades. I’m not sure about Open Empire accolade though - am I doing something wrong or it’s just broken for me.

Tuning and design accolades are probably the ones that are most unrealistic (excluding all currently broken accolades) to get done for majority of players and Eliminator has some that can take a long time and many tries (in other words very time consuming).

PG will probably add a bunch new additional accolades in the future as well.

EDIT: Share codes for pictures in the forum profile signature isn’t actually a bad idea. It won’t hurt to occasionally give a few likes whenever I browse the forum and see those codes.

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If true and they haven’t pached it, you are a legend.

Also, make sure you have the accolade counter turned on. Go through the trailblazer gate, the counter will go up, then just rewind back to just about where you started and do it again. You can do this for the duration of the event. You can also do this on danger signs. I used the Malpais trailblazer because its very short and the cannonball danger sign for the same reason. A downside to this is that you are not helping the other players complete the arcade event.

Hadn’t even thought of that. The legalist in me doesn’t like it but the pragmatist in me just might do that. I could easily do Mapais TB 8-12 times and still finish all three rounds in the Arcade. That would give me the remaining 34 stars needed for the last Horizon Arcade accolade.

Picture liked. Here’s one of my own 962 778 828

They aren’t?

But I don’t think you need to max the accolades out in order to 1000/1000 the game.

I almost got it. Made it to a Level 7 Bronco and then some jerk in a Beetle intentionally rammed me as I started accelerating for the Final Showdown. I glanced off a tree and against a house. Ended up in 2nd literally about 50 ft from finishing as I watched a L10 Hoonigan win.

No you don’t I’m just 30 pts from 1000/1000 (need Min Meets max and Gotta Smash 'Em All (both rely on the festival playlist) and only have about 910,000 points worth if Accolades. Only a handful of Accolades are directly related to get the full 1000 gamerscore.

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Earn a Clean Start Skill AND win the race.

This one is bugged. To complete, you need to launch the game and win 1st rare of Horizon Open racing. If you fail to win 1st race, the clean start skill doesn’t register for next subsequent races and you have to re-launch the game and try again. I am not sooo good at beating guys who have now become champions at those tracks so I will let it go.

I did all the arcade ones the long way.

Got plenty of FP for my time.

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