Hall of Fame Cheaters?

Hello, does anyone know how you can have over 1 million points in the hall of fame?
Even if you would complete everything you wouldn’t get over 1 million. In addition, you can’t complete everything, e.g. festival playlist. And the number of points in the front ranks increases every day.
So I ask myself whether they are cheaters or how it works?
You make the effort to complete the accolades and then you see something like that. It just annoys me.

It’s about farming before patch. It needs to be wiped right after PR stunts… so never.

You could just compare the accolades with the points and correct that. But probably never will.

Exactly, weeks ago I thought it’s a sure thing. PGG probably will only add new accolades to “fix” it.

Yep it isn’t cool to have a competitive board and then let some people be more equal than others by having the opportunity to get easy points others can’t, because they had early access or whatever.

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It’s so funny from perspective it’s the only new thing there. And it’s broken…

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I don’t how the others feel about it, but I do the accolades for me, not for anyone else. But it is true that it is almost impossible to get over a million points I reached 900 000 this week and there are not many accolade to be done left.

But as there were some accolades that are resetting each day it could be possible, that some point hunters did them all the time which each restart of the game. So for example with the near miss hit and the lambo you could get each time you start the game, farming some points here. But for me that would be just ridiculous waste of time - getting somewhat 500 points, restart the game, do it again, restart the game and so on. There would be no fun in it anymore…

So getting more than one million points would be only impossible with a healthy state of mind. But again, this game is broken so much - it even isn’t updating my xp gained through using skill points anymore. I stuck at the same amount since for four weeks now though I invested about 6000 skill points in car masteries meanwhile. Another bug imported from FH4 I suppose…

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The top 3 have more accolade points than possible.

If my math is correct the max. is around 1,000,000.
In the HoF people have up to 40k more.
Clearly exploiting the game… but so far nothing, increasing their score day by day.

Not exploiting, you could do it without knowing it.

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Accolades are not supposed to repeat, that’s a bug - a bug people exploit a lot.
They know exactly what they are doing.
You dont “accidentally” grind repeating accolades, gaining 10s of thousands points.
I was as high as rank 4 in the HoF at one point, legit.
HoF is completely useless if they let people get over the max. score by far.
Their score means nothing if they reached it with exploiting bugs.


I saw the same accolade again and again. I didn’t know it’s the same one. Something with ultimate drift and air? I don’t know, everybody had do it many times.

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I also had some of those but they eventually stayed completed, as they should.
And I def. didnt gain thousands of points from them.
So there must be some kind of method to ensure to repeat them, and to me that sounds a lot like exploiting the game.
But the players in question keep increasing their score day by day, so I guess it has no priority for PG.
Not surprising seeing how literally all leaderboards of any kind have tons of cheated scores on them.

Sure, there was normal farming. You just restarted the game. But some very active people could have few thousands without it.

the point of the HoF is who gets the highest score first (at least thats my take).
restarting the game, farming accolades (which shouldnt be repeatable in the first place) again sounds like exploits to me - because its not intended.

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Not cheater, just bug.

I calculated the total accolades points that we can get, If you get EVERYTHING today, it will be 931350. Even added previous deleted ones, it should NOT go over 940000.

But nowadays, I got 964800, why? Because accolades bugged, some of the finished accolades keep rolling back, such as taking a photo of Vans or Utilities at Guanajuato. If you remember such a situation, everytime, you will gain your score again and again.

One of the top 3 in the hall of fame broadcasted every match he played. No cheating. Just bug.

I have already committed a ticket to report this. They just said they will investigate it. That’s it.

I’m currently at 560k and I have just been playing the game as anyone else would normally. I did all the PR signs with a extremely fast Jesko setup as a road car and off road beast. I only repeated the PR signs which had an Accolade for doing them with a specific vehicle.

Compared to how much effort I have put into game, I could see where some players could easily be above 1 million points!!

Or you can count it.

I’m at 800k or so, and in the top 2000s out of 11 million. I have got most of the easy accolades (and a lot of hard ones), there are some left which are easy but I couldn’t be bothered, like winning events in specific cars or car types which is very boring. If I did everything possible it would maybe be a few thousand more, but nowhere remotely near a million.

(By ‘possible’ I mean things I could elect to go and do right now, not the other ones which would become possible over time etc.)

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Pretty much the same, just 50,000 back from you (and several thousand places down, lol). I still have a fair number to do that require a specific car, which I don’t own. So it is either, buy the car for the 1 event, or wait until it falls in my lap. There are a good number of areas where I am 5 or less accolades away from a full board as a result. I will never get a full sweep of the “get 10, 50, 100, … people to download and like my stuff”, and that is oK too. Finally, there are those accolades that are still broke, so there’s that. I figure 850,000 - 900,000 ia a good, realistic goal., currently (until others are added, a handful at a time, such as all the holiday merriment ones we just got)


Surprise…! When you have 500, a new accolade will appear, which will require 1000.

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