FH5 Hall of Cheaters (former known as Hall of Fame)

Do PGG have plans to remove all of cheaters for Top of Hall of Fame?
Not sure if it’s possible to get 1.500.000 Accolade Points.

It -was- possible. Since the story/expedition photo accolades are no longer repeatable, no one can get there now without cheating.

MOHOM’s score is literally impossible. He is an obvious blatant cheat and should be removed. The rest of the top ten cheated (at a minimum) by monkeying with the date on their device to repeat those story/expedition photo accolades. This sort of cheating is apparently tolerated when it involves the past rather than the future. Those scores -were- possible on that basis

There were some other accolade bugs that got fixed, but some players benefited from, which accounts for the varying scores in the top ranks.

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