Hot Wheels Accolade: Competition, Experimentation, and Creativity not triggering

Hi guys. I’m trying to complete all the accolades for Hot Wheels. Unfortunately, the one called Competition, Experimentation, and Creativity is not triggering despite me playing several Blueprint Event Labs. I click on Horizon Event Lab, select a user player event, race against the drivatars, finish the race, and nothing pops. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, or is this simply a glitch? I’ve even tried manually putting in the share code from the “Community Creations” races and when I race against those nothing happens. Please help.

This game man I swear.

You can disregard I figured it out guys, but I really really REALLY need clarification on this…

It appears what I was doing wrong, was driving to the Event Labs that were scattered around the Hot Wheels map, and entering those player events.

Turns out I needed to enter the main menu, head to the Creative Hub, click on Event Lab>Event Blueprints>and search for one that meets the Hot Wheels criteria.

Why aren’t the Event Labs that are scattered throughout the map counted as Event Blueprints, when they meet the same criteria as the ones within the main menu? I just don’t get it. This game is so confusing sometimes :frowning:

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I think you confuse Events from Event Labs with Challenges from Challenge Cards (=Horizon Super 7). The Challenges are scattered around the maps. The Events - I do not think so. You select them via the game menu (as you already found out).

But I agree with you there are so many things you can do - especially in FH5 - that there is every reason to be confused.

Please imagine somebody who is completely new-to-Forza Horizon.

Thanks for the reply Bomico. I don’t know…those events…the icons that look like Green and Red flasks around the map are labeled as Event Lab Events. They look and are presented the same way as the ones accessed from the in-game menu. They have share codes and everything. They don’t say “Challenges” they say events(at least on my end). Weird.

Anyway yeah, like you say, there’s so much stuff to do it can definitely be overwhelming trying to figure it all out.

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OK - now I understand. The “chemical green and red flasks” are called Event Lab Build Stubs - and you are right - they are only connected to Event Lab (and not to Challenges).

When you opened this issue here I understood that - when you were starting any Event Lab via an Event Lab Build Stub - you were not achieving the accolade despite the Event Lab you played definitely had HotWheels track pieces used in it? Please confirm so this time I understand correctly.

FYI: HotWheels track pieces can be used (or not) in every maps (Mexico Main Map, HotWheels, Rally Adventure, Event Lab Island) Event Labs. Their usage in an Event Lab is not in any way connected / limited to the HotWheels map. Generally only very few Event Labs have HotWheels track pieces used in them.

Thanks for the reply sir and to answer your question yes…when I was starting any Event Lab via an Event Lab Build Stub - I was not achieving the accolade despite the Event Lab I played having Hot Wheels track pieces used in it that is correct. Strange but I guess that’s how the game is setup.

Game is great, it’s just that there’s so many little hidden things you would seemingly never discover without either a guide or asking for help on here lol.

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Congratulations - you found another issue!

I have no doubt about that despite I cannot test it because I achieved that accolade long ago.

I fully agree with that the game is great and complex - with so many things you can do.

All these little issues hinder the veteran players but for players like you they make it unneccessarily harder to comprehend FH5.

This forum and its members help. If you have any question in the future please come back to me.