Horrible exposure changes (picture too dark or too bright)

Whenever the sun is low, or when driving through tunnels, I get awfully exaggerated changes in exposure.

Driving through tunnels, the exposure increases to the point where the tunnel walls seem to be emitting light themselves. When the sky is bright with the rising or setting sun, the exposure lowers to the point where the scenery is almost pitch dark. It’s as if the exposure weighing is completely broken. The tone mapping also crushes shadows.

This makes driving really hard at times, since it’s hard to see the road. It even makes it hard to tell if it’s day or night – look towards the sun and it appears to be midnight, look the other way and it appears to be midday!

There’s about 2-3 stops of over/underexposure. They got the exposure fairly correct in the previous games. FH5 seems completely obsessed with the sky.

I’m playing on a (properly set up) SDR TV, via an RTX 2060. Is the same problem visible in SDR on other graphics cards and the Xboxes?


i am getting somewhat the same thing.

if i go to in car camera it is so overexposed, i cant use it. when i go back to chase view its ok.

this sucks. i like playing in car camera a lot but its a waste.


I’ve noticed this a little bit. I’ve been playing on both series X and PC although the PC does nothing but crash. The big difference I’ve noticed is when you hit the y button to change view it drastically changes the exposure of the scene which makes absolutely no sense.

exactly! its strange, like each view gives you a different exposure. i get the way light works from inside and outside of the car but the driver view (with steering wheel showing) is overexposed. the driver view (without steering wheel) isn’t too bad.

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Yes, it’s bad. I came across this post while doing a Google search to see if anyone has a solution. I’m playing on PC with a calibrated display under 1.5 Delta across the grey scale and SDR 709 color spectrum, set at 100 lumens output. I just wish they would have developed this game with calibrated displays, clearly they did not. I have not tried any other views, as I play entirely first person inside view, no wheel showing. I’ve never adjusted a in game brightness slider as much as I’ve played with this one, in just the first 24 hrs. It never looks correct, especially the completely washed out contrast of bright sunlight. It makes races that go in and out of shade almost impossible to judge depth.

RTX 2070 Super, lastest 10/26/21 driver’s. I guess my next step is to try some different video output standards.


Same here why is it only in car views that are affected?

I only use the cockpit views so the game looks bad and my eyes even hurt after driving awhile squinting my eyes trying to see the road.

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Yup, same here! Cockpit camera is borderline unusable, because the you cannot see the road! Please fix this.



i see some weird darken and lighten effects(?) around the map at all different times

~ driving down the highway as dusk the scenery is nice and looks correct, i use the cam to look around and it starts to darken everything around except the front view

~ leaving tunnels during the day is just a blinding white out effect - its just to much

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Add my Usertag to this list - driving at sawn / dusk or in the tunnels from Cockpit view, every scene is way too dark, impossible to see the road just cruising, racing in this condition is impossible. Bizarrely, once the sun is fully down (or fully up), this goes away. Full night is much brighter than Dusk / Dawn.

This must be fixed

Oddly enough Microsoft Flight Simulator also has this over exposure feature in the cockpit and they recently made it much worse. It’s like the devs only play in external view.

Turning off “Resolution Scaling” fixed it for me!

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If this step does not resolve the issue for other players, Submit a Ticket at Forza Support as described in the Support thread pinned above.

On Xbox Series S I don’t have that option in Display, just Brightness and Performance/Graphics mode ( I am on Performance).

Is there any other places could find that?

Same problem you cant see anything in sunset races its worst than the dark…

The thing in FH4 there was an HDR scaler that allowed to make adjustment to the black and brightness levels… where did that go in FH5!!!

I’ve got this issue too, never had resolution scaling on.

Video game developers need to realize that this is an effect that happens in the human eye, and stop putting it in games. It’s painful and blinding, especially on a 1000 nits monitor. Meanwhile I can’t see my instruments. Dear all developers of all video games: If a player is playing in HDR, this effect should be turned off. Period.


The lighting is far too erratic in this game. It’s inconsistent, and also sometimes buggy. I can be driving in the wilderness at night and it’s downright impossible to see, blacks are elevated and grey, whites are darkened and grey, it’s just a washed-out grey mess. Other times, night driving looks good with good contrast between light and dark.

For me, the night time is unaffected by this bug, in fact, the night time looks gorgeous, beautifully lit. I wish the night time lasted for more than three minutes.

The problem is during the day / night and night / day transitions. It feels like some one is randomly placing and removing sunglasses over my eyes.

I prefer the hood cam and it’s borderline unusable thanks to this.

What’s strange is that the cockpit, driver and hood cam all have this weird brighter/darker even in a convertible or car without a roof. Why is the hood cam affected by this in the first place?

Hopefully PG will fix this soon.

The lighting is often too dark for me too, and I am not using resolution scaling or HDR, just a normal monitor which works fine with FH4.

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I did a race where it was overcast, and then suddenly bright like someone turned a light on, then dark again, and then bright again.