Too dark

Please fix the online racing in the dark. It seems like an obvious aspect of the game…to be able to see while racing. Thank you


I agree. Every time I get a race where the head lights don’t work I bale out.

Open the headlight bay doors, HAL.

I agree with that.
Generally I do not like the night and sun settings in most races.
Only the „early afternoon“ races are enjoyable with good visibility, but those are a minority (in the real world almost all races are in the early afternoon or around noon).
I play racing games for fun, not for the sun to blind me all the time, or to barely see anything.
Sure those HDR effects are nice to watch sometimes, but you shouldn‘t have to put up with it most of the time.
Or allow us to use some kind of sun blinds, including when using the external view.

What HDR effects? lol…

Keeping in mind how awful and bad is the lighting in this game, HDR must be a joke at this point.

Surely the head lights not working at night is a known documented problem. Can someone link it?

It’s not in the known issues list even though it has been reported. There are 2 posts in the support section of the forums about this problem, and since it’s not listed as a known issue we must assume it’s intentional. I think we may need to flood support with tickets to get their attention.
I’m gonna go put in a ticket and await the canned response, then see if it makes the known issue list. Probably won’t, but ya never know. They might just be Salty at us for not worshipping their goty participation trophy, who knows.

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I submitted a ticket but they wanted a video and I didn’t have one so they probably closed it. Been an issue since day one. If you don’t leave the lobby after a street race championship you get no headlights in the next championship (and or may not be dark for you and nobody else)

If they close a ticket then in the real world it would be because it’s a duplicate and the ticket should be linked so that everyone can see. I’m not sure what’s happening here but presumably it is a known issue and your ticket is being closed because it’s a duplicate but it’s not being linked because their system/tools doesn’t allow it. If this is the case then it’s a bad user experience, similar tomthe game at present.

I linked to a screenshot of my email, telling me that they were closing my ticket, simply because there was nothing to troubleshoot.
Agent TheCthaeh (Forza Support)

Jan 5, 2022, 9:37 AM PST

I understand the issue is not resolved, however, we are still investigating this issue and since I do not have additional troubleshooting steps for you at this time I am marking the ticket as "Solved’. Please stay tuned to our support page and Twitter(@Forza_Support) where we’ll update the community when we have more information.


I haven’t noticed the headlights not working at night. Either they actually work or it’s not dark enough in the night races for it to matter. I’m more bothered by generic bolt on head and tail lights being attached to vintage racers when driving that don’t have them in the garage.

Oh trust me it’s a thing and it’s really bad. I have a decent setup and play on XSX performance mode with an OLED gaming tv. When this lighting or headlight issue happens you can still see, it just looks bad. Like it’s in alpha. It’s akin to tunnel brightness issues which happen for a split second. You still can see, sort of, well not really, and it just looks bad.

Is it an intermittent issue, or something that happens just in PvP?

The tunnel thing has been a problem in numerous games for ages. I can’t get mad at any one game about it. I’m still not sure if it’s just a common problem with modern lighting effects or if it’s intentionally trying to simulate an aspect of human vision.

I’ve never see it before.

Lights are working but for some reason they dont illuminate in street races.

For me it only happens during online racing (Series X, performance mode).
After joining & finishing a Street playlist (which works correctly) the following playlist will be affected - regardless of which playlist it is.
It is dark, the headlights are on but there is no illumination effect. As a result I can see absolutely nothing on the ground level. Since the skybox isn’t completely dark, things higher up or in the distance are visible like in normal Street races.
There seems to be a transition bug coming from a Street playlist because the following one will normaly only be dark if it’s Street again. Every other is in daylight for players that joined it freshly - tested with friends.
As a result all people that know this will drop out after a Street playlist to prevent it - only to be caught by the no controller vibration bug that occurs when leaving online during a playlist transition. Because that’s the state of this bugfest called a game.


Please employee this person as the first QA tester for this game.

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This happens to me a lot online. All subsequent races being too dark after a street race. Can be any class of race. It’s just not fun so I back out.

I recall one of the early hotfixes was to fix street races being in the daytime which they sometimes were when the game first came out. My guess is all they did was apply a filter to darken the daytime street race and the filter just keeps carrying over to the next championship and the next. Makes sense to me now since Rayne pointed out that players joining freshly don’t experience the darkness.

This is not the naturally night time races. For me they are fine as the headlights work. In these darkened races the lights are on but do nothing.

For those that have problems with this.
Do submit a ticket, and dont forget to include your system and TV/monitor (brand and model number). It makes it easier to find out where the problem is.

I put my official ticket in several days ago.

Bob GT 404

Jan 3, 2022, 7:28 AM PST

The lighting engine will drastically change the brightness of the in car camera on a second by second.basis, and can leave the environment completely black at times.
As for time and date, every time and every date, your lighting engine doesn’t work

They just now, responded with “is this still an issue, if you don’t respond in 24-hours we will close your ticket.”
I responded, “yes, your lighting engine is still horrendously broken.”

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