Car lights not working at night

During Street race or eliminator (at night) I can’t see properly as it’s so dark… :roll_eyes:

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It’s awful isn’t it!

There’s been other posts about it, I hope that it can be improved as I actively avoid night races now where I can e.g. all Street races are now at night so I’ve stopped doing Street

is this happening to everyone or just a small group of players? I actually liked how the night looks in fh5 before the patch even if it makes driving harder.

thank goodness there is a driving line.

Did you forget to add a /s on the end of that, because that looks awful!

I’m on Xbox Series S, it looks better than that video but still not as good as FH4.

oh that video is awful. which is why I posted it in this thread.
I meant to say when it’s properly lit, night time looks amazing.

this week’s trial, the first race, have a similar but opposite problem. that race is in heavy fog, with a hoonigan escort, it’s okay, but with a twerkstallion, it’s too bright! right in the center of the screen. it’s like the car have high beams on. and the worst part is that the driving line is affected by this fog effect too, barely visible

Car lights not working properly most certainly doesn’t look good. It looks terrible