Forza 7 is dark - no brightness adjustment

This should have been called “Forza 7: Blair Witch Project” lol. I saw that on Youtube. It’s true. Forza 7 is dark even when it’s supposed to be sunny outside. I know when we’re wearing polarized sunglasses it’s a little darker out, but this isn’t why.

So I went to my options and Video. I couldn’t see the the logo I was supposed to see. I looked for a slider to adjust brightness. There wasn’t any. The instructions told me to adjust my television. Really. Turn 10 couldn’t be bothered to put a brightness adjustment in their game.

I have my TV calibrated with the settings on my XBoxOne. Every AAA title game I’ve played has a brightness adjustment in the game itself. But Forza 7? No. Turn 10 wants me to adjust my TV for their game. So when I go back and play Destiny 2 I have to readjust my TV to play that game, or readjust Destiny 2 to accommodate Forza 7. But what about when I want to watch stuff like TV through my XBox? When I watch Netflix or Hulu, I have to readjust my TV to watch a program.

This is supposed to be a launch title for XBoxOne S, and you guys couldn’t be bothered putting in brightness and contrast adjustments? Seriously? Sheer laziness. First we’re hosed on the VIP stuff, and this, too?


I and many others have this problem :neutral_face:


this is the improved graphics they are selling us. the game is garbage


It’s because the lighting model is adjusted for HDR displays. If you don’t have an HDR screen you can’t see the full spectrum of the picture. Not enough brightness in the sunshine and not enough details in the dark. I agree that on regular screens the game can look dark and washed out, especially in cloudy weather. The track surface and the environment can be surprisingly dark even if it’s midday but cloudy. You need an HDR display to fully appreciate the graphics.


I would have to correct you here - this is a lighting bug that has carried over from FH3.

For example, you’d be driving certain cars around certain times of day, and from the cockpit view it would get very dark or very bright, but the moment you switch to one of the outside views, colors, contrast and brightness displays correctly. However, when you’re driving a car that’s relatively dark from the hood view, you’d again get this problem, but it remedies itself once the dark paintjob is out of the way.

I did plenty of experimentation with this in H3 - it’s a lighting bug, nothing more. You might look at it as a bit of an oversight. I’d suggest everyone to stick to the full screen/bonnet cam or chase cam. Besides, it only happens on certain tracks around certain times of day and not every car. Depends on what internal contrast level is set in the car’s cockpit.

Horizon 3 is not a game that’s natively made in HDR, in fact, HDR is an enhancement, a graphical add on so to speak.

Guys, please take the liberty of reporting visual bugs here:


I didn`t know about this bug, but I find myself switching out of cockpit view when the darkness takes over. It helps, but I am not sure if the lighting is really correct then, or just less of a problem due to having the windshield out of the way. Will keep an eye on that from now on.

On top of that, I hope they do something about the tunnels (Rio, Dubai). Can`t see anything in there, I basicly just try to keep distance from the lightsources on the walls.


Just to update … might be this bug is there too, but I dont think its the main issue. I just tried switching views on a super dark track and it didn`t change anything.

Imo its simply an issue with lighting. The track (Silverstone) was set for something like light-clouds changing to light-rain (it was a career so its just a guess).
When the race started the sky was almost entirely clear, with a few unfortunate clouds obscuring the sun … resulting in an almost black track surface.
It actually got a bit brighter when more clouds came in for the light rain, I guess because the clouds moved a bit out of the sun`s way.

I dont know how Turn10 do their lighting, but Id say the values for ambient light or global illumination sometimes don`t match the skies.

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Yeah i noticed that…pitch black. In F6 there were beautiful reflections off the cars and you could still see. This game is just rubbish compared to the realistic F6

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Interesting - let’s hope for a patch on this one - many racers will be using the cockpit view (personally I love the ‘no hands’ view). It is also an issue with not having a HDR TV. If you go to the brightness setting in game, it directs you to an option in the xbox settings to adjust the brightness (which is pretty clunky), but my TV. although only a year old, does not have the option it mentions. Pretty poor design.

This is not accurate. The game supports HDR, it was not specifically developed for HDR. And the lighting module supports both, independently. I have played the game on 3 different displays (60" HDR 4K, true 120Hz refresh, 60" non-HDR 1080 60Hz, 13" non-HDR 1080 Laptop). And on both Windows and XBOX and it looks very similar across the board. In fact on the HDR set it looked so good in non-HDR for the first few days I forgot to switch over. But once I did it was pretty amazing.

Make sure you have your display calibrated correctly. This does not mean moving a few sliders around until you like what you see. This means getting a calibration disc and running a calibration tool. And adjusting your brightness and gamma (if available) for the proper light level of your gaming environment. Most video games are significantly overly bright and colorful. So if you have one setting for your TV that you’re using for all of your games and movies, etc. Forza will definitely look dull and lacking brightness. Turn 10 went for a very photo-realistic visual, not your standard Mass Effect cartoon brightness and color look.

My primary gaming set (the 60" HDR 4K) has been specifically calibrated for gaming. But even with that some games don’t look quite right, and definitely have too much brightness. It would have been smart for Turn 10 to include a brightness and gamma setting for non-HDR. They do have these settings for HDR enabled displays and they do make a difference.

The lighting model is not the problem. The problem is that they’ve not included an exposure boost feature.

The only thing they need to do is include an “exposure” controller so that you can amplify the light intensity window. GT has that and Project Cars 2 have that. Just because you don’t have an HDR display, the lighting model still works the same - it just displays a more narrow bandwidth on a regular display, but it’s totally possible to move that bandwidth up and down for more or less bright images overall (without washing them out mind you). This is how old school HDR rendering has worked for the previous decade.

this problem is not fixed by tv or pc brightness settings , it`s their lighting system thats causing this .
And i have 4K tv with HDR Pro , but it wont turn on HDR on PC . while it works perfect on PS4 Pro turning on automaticly when detects HDR games


HDR now works on PC> Although the lighting bug is still there.

First world problems.


Quite cheap excuse to make lighting from hdr demands only, do they forgot that there’s still millions of players w/out hdr… And they managed to make FH3 which work both ways. Somehow it feels that suddenly Turn10’s ppl became incompetent.


I hope this gets addressed in both ways - optimize the game for non HDR TVs to have atleast better graphics than Forza 6 and add the birghtness slider, so we can still finetune Forza without having to reset it again for other games.

There is a brightness slider in video settings.
This can only be selected from the main menu, (not mid race)

Well, then I’ll show you different. No Brightness slider, jsut the information to go to the xbox app for setting up the TV settings.


Weird mines has a slider for brightness on Xbox One S, I tried streaming to PC and the sliders do nothing.

i dont have a brightess slider either.

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