Will Turn 10 ever address the atrocious lighting in this game?

Still see no improvements.
The games is far to dark - especially the car dashboards.
I just can’t enjoy the game at all like this.
How can Turn 10 ignore such a big display issue?

Considering the small number of people who complain about this i can tell you two things.

  1. it isn’t a priority for Turn 10. At all
  2. You may have faulty settings or hardware causing it to appear dark.

I never had any issues on my previous non-HDR monitor, nor do i now on my HDR monitor. It may be that your gamma is set too low, or your brightness/contrast settings are messed up. There are many calibration tools to help you with this. (although nothing beats a spider). But you should make sure your monitor/TV is set up properly as well as the game itself.
Are there only specific tracks/cars that make it too dark? How is it in broad daylight?

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Please Add some basic Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Gamma slider in Video settings

Forza 7 is dark - no brightness adjustment

Forza 7 is way to dark on PC!

Dashboard and tunnels too dark. No way to adjust