Horizon Finale

I completed the first Horizon finale and got the reward money, then I proceeded to complete the second one and finish that finale, and now I’m currently on my third run of the game but it doesn’t tell me how many championships left till the finale, but the guy keeps saying he’s setting up a new one? Can anyone help me that’s past where I’m at?

There is only 2 finales even tho the guy keeps saying this

We need the Finale track to use anytime/rivals!

Yes, just plain yes!!!
Love a good 10minute+ race, both of them were great fun.

I did the 2nd Finale in D class XD

20+ minutes

I took 16.48 in an A800 station wagon. But it was lots of fun.

Yes, the finale track was a great drive, it be cool to race it over again

The second finale felt like a waste. First off the payout was no where near the payout of the original. And i think the race would have been cooler if it really was just you and ben. Not a bunch of drivatars again. Overall still a great game and i had alot of fun completing both finales.