Horizon Arcade: How to complete one final accolade

So, I’ve completed all accolades in ‘Online’->‘Horizon Arcade’, except the one called ‘Air Miles’

I need to compete in the ‘AIR’ event and within that event I need to complete 0/20 air skills,… easy enough… but

If you are alone, the game only gives you 0/10 to do…thus not completing the accolade


If you are with 1, 2, 3 people etc… you never get to 20 as everyone snipes a variety, thus making completion impossible.

Can anyone tell me if they got this accolade completed, and how they did it?


Looks like I completed that one before the hot fix that adjusted the score needed based on number of participants. I would suggest teaming up with some people and having an arrangement made ahead of time where they lay low during the skill mastery round so that you can get the accolade.

What about do a drift event but get air skills instead?

Pin the accolade and try it. This works for some other accolades.


Ditto. I would try doing the Air Miles accolade while doing something like a Chaos event when instead of smashing pinatas you head over to the dessert and drive around over the dunes. With the accolade pinned you’ll soon see if it works or not.

This is a bit like the accolade where you have to accumulate 100 stars in Horizon arcade doing Trailblazers. Much easier before they adjusted things. Think I was up to about 70 before the changes. Once they changed things I could only 3 star once as you usually only had to do one run to move to the next arcade round. After the changes I had to grind out the remaining 30 stars.

That’s a great idea actually… might be easiest solution thank you.

Sadly, I tried exactly this in Wreckage, Drift, and Chaos…but the accolade only acknowledges being in the ‘zone’ if you are indeed in an ‘AIR’ event.

Thanks all for the ideas…I appreciate it,.

If you need help i can join and do nothing. I am good at that.


Being as this thread is about Accolades, does anybody know how to get Class D cars to come out to play in the Horizon Tour Accolades section?

As Nursemorph mentioned, you just need to wait till D-Class ‘buggies’ event rotates around, its towards end of the rotation of events in tour.

Once you see D-class event, join it, jump into a buggie like the dingo vw or similar.

You will get setup with other d-class buggie racers and have at it…in very slow, buggie-esque style…

If you mean finding a D Class tour to complete, there is only one and that is Cross Country Buggies and is at 56 minutes past every hour. Near the bottom of the first page on the following thread, there is a list of all the events and what time past each hour they occur:


Its quite a relaxing race I can tell you from experience :smiley:

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Thanks for the info re the D Class Buggy amble. Glad I waited to do it today and found it as it was enjoyable and much better than the S1/S2 Class mad dashes!

Now when is the non existent S2 Class going to be released?

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Yeah, don’t get me started on the non-existent S2 event, but the very real, unachievable accolade tied to it…


Is the complete all types of Arcade fixed?

I think the 5 are; wreckage, drift, air, skills and speed?

The prize is the Funco F9.

Have any of you managed to complete the ‘complete x number of arcades in 30 minutes/5 hrs/24hrs’ accolades? I can only get these to count to 1, they reset when the 2nd arcade starts (fast travel not used).

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Did you change cars? and also they reset after being idle in your menu for a while not sure how long but was gone for 30 minutes doing real life stuff came back and 8/10 reset to 0.

Yes, done them all… but I made sure to not fast-travel- but also, I sat and did them in one go on snowy afternoon - and used same car entire time.

So, not broken, but picky on how you do em or it reset sadly.

Fast travel resets the accolade, its not mentioned that you cannot fast travel and it took me a while to figure that out, it would be helpful if this was made a bit clearer. Well, at least I have a lot of Forzathon points now…

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Changing vehicle also resets the counter. So pick a good all-round car for speed, drift etc. I just use the BMW X5 FE. Don’t idle in the menu, don’t fast travel, don’t rewind in Air arcades, and don’t change car. That will allow the counter to continue to go up with each one.

Thanks all, i’ll give them another go a bit later.

I was changing cars as i was completing all of the ‘complete round 3 in x car’ accolades. I did use the same car for the last one, but i went to the garage to upgrade it before doing the 2nd arcade.

I’ll stay in free roam the whole time later and see if that works :slight_smile:

I had a reset like that too, just through being away from my Xbox for half an hour or so and it going to sleep. In the end I did 10 consecutively in the same car and without fast travel, and it popped. I wish there weren’t so many risky accolades like this!